Just learned about the 295 sequence...any way I can jump in next semester?

<p>Or would that be pretty much impossible, considering I have no background in mathematical proofs?</p>

<p>It sucks that I didn't know about the sequence before I signed up for classes, because I definitely would have taken the courses otherwise. Is it acceptable for a sophomore to join the sequence, or is that not very pragmatic?</p>

<p>Perfectly fine to take these courses as a sophomore. </p>

<p>However, you need to determine if you have a strong enough background and/or enough time to handle these courses, as they're not too easy. I don't advise taking 296 winter semester without having taken 295 in the fall. Not so much because you need 295 as a prereq, since you really don't, but because 295 starts out slightly more gentle.</p>

<p>Do you really want to do this sequence or do you want to just do something more proof oriented and don't care what exactly? You could do 451 in winter and then jump into 395 or 512 next fall I think. I'm not sure how different the material from 295/296 is from 451, but I think 451 will give you enough experience with proofs to go into 395. </p>

<p>Might be better to ask a math major though.</p>

<p>I'm not really worried about spending time on the courses, my real worry is that if I go into 296 without 295 I won't know a lot of the things that the professor is explaining and just be completely lost. I don't really have any experience with proofs, so I'm kind of lost in terms of where to start and whether some of these classes will just be way over my head.</p>

<p>Anymore advice?</p>