Just looking for any recent insight on this school

I’m a bit puzzled by the lack of info that I can find on this school. Wondering if there is any new feedback. Anyone has a student at this school?

My D is a freshman at SJU and LOVES it. It’s still very early in the game but she loves everything about it so far. Lots of school spirit at this small D1 school. I agree that there isn’t so much on CC about the school - my best advice is to take your child for a few visits. It’s a beautiful campus in a nice part of the city (actually straddles the county line).

My son is also a freshman. At first I also found it strange not a lot of chatter on here. He looked at 4 svhools and fell in love with SJU. What capped the deal was that everyone he talked to that went to SJU absolutely loved it. Its only been 2 weeks, but he is loving it so far. He says there is always something to do, everyone is so nice and he really likes his teachers so far. Know this could change, but I have a real sense of peace knowing he is at the perfect school for him.

From a parents perspective, the entire application, admin process has been very smooth. I also like the strong alumni connection, especially if plan to work in or around Philadelphia.

My friend’s daughter is a Junior and LOVES it. She got a paid internship over the summer and stayed.

I’m the parent of a male high school junior. We visited St Joe’s in April during a vacation week college tour and liked it very much. We visited 7 schools that week and our tour guide at St Joe’s was by far the best. Now the crazy part. In the weeks following our visit we learned that three girls from our town are current students there. I only learned about two of them through chance encounters with their mothers and the subject of colleges came up. The two mothers I spoke with, both of whom have sons who are friends with my son, said their daughters loved it there. I thought this was very significant given this is a city school, that mothers of daughters were endorsing it. And we live in a pretty sheltered and safe suburban town. My son liked it too. I have additional questions about it, will probably need to visit again.

SJU is my alma mater. My daughter is now a freshman there, and adores it as much as I did 25 years ago!! To be honest, it’s even better now! We looked at many schools; SJU was the last she visited, and she literally fell in love upon setting foot on campus. It fit every criteria for which she was looking…perfect location, beautiful campus, great programs in her intended double-major/minor, accessible professors who take a vested interest in their students, Division 1 sports, and most of all, a sense of school spirit truly unparalleled. The energy on that campus is something I still cherish from my time there. She has already made amazing friends I know from experience will be lifelong, and has become very involved on campus with less than a month in! The (overnight) Freshman Orientation she attended in June had her excited to get back on campus. She really could not be happier. #THWND

CTDad, I made several friends from CT when I went to SJU, and already one of my daughter’s closest friends/suitemates is from CT! Good luck in your search; your son will not be disappointed if he attends SJU! :slight_smile:

D recently accepted an very interested. Still looking for insight on the student life. See a lot of conflicting info about this being a “suitcase school”. Many of the threads appear to be 3 yrs old though. Anyone with additional insight on student life?

It has not been the experience of my daughter at all. Nearly all of the girls in her suite are local girls - either PA or NJ, within 30-45 min of the school - and none of them go home on the weekends. There always seems to be something going on on-campus on the weekends, sporting events, etc… I think the school makes an effort to keep the kids there on the weekends. It’s a great school - my daughter loves it.

Hello, back again after several months, college search starting to get serious now that I have a 2nd semester junior. I’d like to pose a question to CAF1 (thank you for the kind wishes btw!) or anyone else who can answer. My concern is housing for upperclassmen. If I read the school website correctly, SJU has on campus housing for about 300 juniors and seniors, and with a school of about 5,000 undergraduates (so presumably at least 2,000 juniors and seniors if my memory serves we right), I’m just wondering how do all the rest of the upperclassmen fare in the public housing market? I myself stayed in dorms for 4 years and loved it and would like that option for my son. Would he be given preference for on campus housing because he would be 4 hours from home? What do most upperclassmen do? Thanks in advance for your help.

From what I understand, most upperclassmen choose to live off-campus for a more “adult” experience. However, I know that there is currently available housing for any juniors or seniors wanting to live on campus. We were told at Orientation that although Residence Life cannot guarantee housing for upperclassmen, they haven’t had to turn any away for several years. There are some houses and apartments in surrounding neighborhoods as well as Manayunk for those choosing to live off-campus.

Thanks all for the info - we’re touring over February break. Any insight on the business school? Is it direct admit?
Meaning if you select a business major, the student is part of the business school right away? And if SJU doesn’t admit the student to business school/selected major, will they admit to the liberal arts college?

My son isn’t firm on a major, but has expressed an interest in the Financial Planning major which is fairly unique. He also has other interests (history, media). We just want to make sure he can access varied classes.

Last, anyone know if SJU has an Esports Team (or club)? The college fair recruiter mentioned this which put SJU on the radar for my son. TIA!
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@#booknerdmom I believe the Haub School of Business is direct admit, but you should probably call the school of business or admissions and double-check. My kid is a science major so my knowledge of the business school is incomplete at best. The E-sports team is listed on the School Organizations list. One thing my daughter comments on is the sheer number/variety of student clubs/organizations on campus. There will be plenty to engage your son.

@100lucky1 @booknerdmom What is an E-sports team? I must be so behind the times… :slight_smile:

@5050100 E-sports are multi-player computer/online games that are played competitively and I believe sometimes professionally.

@100lucky1 - Thank you!

@100lucky1 thanks, we will inquire on our visit. What other feedback from your D? Food, dorms, weekends?

@5050100 Many colleges are now offering scholarships to play on newly formed Esports teams. Companies in the industry are supporting this, partly because the industry is so huge $$$$ and the need to fill jobs etc. these kids now watch professional, college and HS tournament play, much like football, etc. In fact several professional sports teams are investing in Esports teams and leagues. And believe me, none of us adults know much about it, lol!

@#booknerdmom -WOW! I had no idea…very cool.

@#booknerdmom Dorms vary greatly but regardless of how old or new, they tend to be a fun environment. My D is in one of the oldest and rundown dorms. It’s really terrible. But she says she loves it. They look at it as a badge of honor, that they survived LaFarge! She’s really tight with her suite mates and I couldn’t imagine a better first year experience for her. The food is meh. Sometimes she says it’s pretty good, sometimes terrible. She always manages to find something to eat. There has always been plenty to do on the weekends. Student Union Board (SUB) arranges something nearly every weekend - trips to baseball/hockey games, comedians/hypnotists on campus, outings to an orchard, etc… Then there’s the service activities - service for others is a big part of the campus culture and campus ministry and other groups are very involved in that. The school is only 3 miles from Manayunk and Center City is 2-3 train stops away. The location of SJU is pretty perfect for a quick trip away from campus for fun.

Thanks for your info @100lucky1! It is so helpful. SJU is a top choice for my S19. Always impressed when we have been there. Glad your D is loving it!