Just missed it

<p>Is anyone else ****ed off for just missing the deans list. I have a 3.47 gpa and the cut off is a 3.5. You think I should make some noise to whoever is in charge of it since its so close? That way I'll be added</p>

<p>Just try to make it next semester. I couldn't be on the dean's list this semester because of credits (my school requires 14 credits to be considered). I was kinda mad when I found that out, but it just gives me incentive to do better this coming semester when I have 17 credits.</p>

<p>What you mean credits? I took 16 and thats how much they gave me to start with. I couldn't add more classes</p>

<p>just do better next semester, nobody likes grade grubbers. and especially at unis, if you try to make a case that it's "almost a 3.5" they'll probably laugh at you.</p>

<p>My school's Dean's List is a 4.0 this semester. [sad lolz]</p>

<p>Wow where do you go</p>

<p>4.0 for dean's list? What the...</p>

<p>Is the 4.0 cumulative or just for the semester??</p>

What you mean credits? I took 16 and thats how much they gave me to start with. I couldn't add more classes


<p>I mean that I took 13 credits this semester instead of 14 credits (I can take up to 19 without going into financial overload), meaning that I couldn't be on Dean's List even if I tried. But you most likely go to a different school than I do, so your school probably has different policies.</p>

<p>I have a 3.8 this semester and over a 3.6 overall and I've never made dean's list...</p>

<p>My school didn't have a deans list! It doesn't really matter anymore when you're not trying to get into college...</p>

<p>Sorry OP, I think you're outta luck.
I'd imagine hundreds of students at Columbia (I assume that's where you go) have "close" to a 3.5. The University would then have to grant every one of them dean's list as well. </p>

<p>Personally, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Dean's list isn't really a big deal. At my school, dean's list is a 3.25.</p>

<p>Its okay Columbia, I didn't make Dean's List either. Although, I will say, not making it just makes me want to try harder next semester, not for any recognition, but for my own personal sense of accomplishment.</p>

<p>My friend failed a class (but passed the lab with an A... and her prof is whacko. Terrible, terrible reviews on RMP. Her TA said she should have made A's on the tests...) Anyways, she had a 3.23. A in every other class. She missed Dean's List by .02. Poor thing worked so hard this semester. Oh well.</p>

<p>You win some, you lose some. Not much you can do about it and I've heard that not many really care about your college GPA beyond maybe your first job.</p>