Just out of curiosity...

<p>Is anyone on here fluent in the language they're taking/took at some point in their school career and did NOT learn from another source like home or relatives? Meaning, is it possible to become fluent from class?
I'm not :). I'm about to start my sixth year of in-depth learning of my language and while I could stumble along and manage if I were placed in an immersion environment, I am by no means fluent.</p>

<p>I take Latin- so I’m not really focused on fluency.</p>

<p>I am proficient but not fluent (I was in the country of the language I was studying this past summer and was able to communicate just fine), I know a couple people who are fluent or very close to fluent in a second language though.</p>

<p>yes, I am not particularly… but we have a language program here and students become fluent before 5th grade (the language they select is a course they have every year through elementary and middle school). In highschool I think its more on culture, literature and … I’m not too sure… </p>

<p>BUT besides them, and for just taking the classes offered in a normal highschool… I’ll probably be decent by the time I graduate (I’d have already taken AP French). I dont know how fluent is fluent but I could go to France and have no problem getting about and conversing. I wouldnt know every thing… like diseases or random slang or difficult vocab (probably not anyways) but I could get my points across easily and without trouble.</p>

<p>I take Spanish, but I don’t particularly care for the language (my school’s other choice is Italian, which is nowhere near as practical as Spanish is). The middle schools where I live don’t start students in Spanish until 7th grade, so I’m not fluent at all. However, if my school offered more interesting choices in language, say, Mandarin Chinese, then I would say that I’m somewhat fluent in Chinese.</p>

<p>it is possible. it’s never happened to me, but I have a relative who took ap spanish in high school and can speak it perfectly</p>