Just Read "Accept My Kid Please"

<p>I cracked up. What a great book! </p>

<p>I saw D in his campus tour section. As well as where his S was incredulous as to why they may want to look around a campus when they were there to see the baseball game.</p>

<p>I saw myself in his advice to let you child decide when to tour. I didn't on our first one and neither girl has been attracted to that school since</p>

<p>Where did you see yourself/ your kid?</p>

<p>I need to find this book. It's widely available, like at Barnes & Noble?</p>

<p>You can order it online. It's been a few years since it came out. Now that S has finished his junior year, it's probably time to reread it. Very funny!</p>

<p>you don't say I got my copy on Amazon.com</p>

<p>I laugh just thinking about that book, and it's been years for me (S is a rising college senior).</p>

<p>I saw myself in the Command Board and supplemental command board (or whatever he called them), although ours were Command Excel spreadsheets.
And in about a thousand other places.</p>

<p>I am not organized in general but for major undertakings...my wedding and now this I feel a need to channel the type As who have gone before me. Going through this with twins who share many but not all colleges on their lists I was/am freaking out a bitabout how to organize the giant wall calendar and color code it for each kid as well as cross color coding it for each deadline and application filing type Rolling, EA, RA. So yeah I saw myself in the War Board too ;)</p>

<p>I really enjoyed that book.</p>

<p>Need some help here... a good friend's son is graduating tomorrow and going away to college this fall. He is their only son (adopted). She is rather sentimental. I know she is going to miss him terribly when he goes away. I would like to get her a book on mother and son relationship (not advice necessary), somthing touching. Do you know a good book to get?</p>

<p>I love this book about mothers and sons and have given it as a gift in the past. I don't know how easy it will be to find other than on amazon.</p>

<p>All</a> That Matters: A Mother's Heart by Janis Hogan</p>

<p>Be sure to go to the reviews section on amazon and read the excerpt. It brings tears...</p>

<p>Thanks. It looks perfect.</p>