Just remembered some awards - should I email and request to add?

<p>I've been looking through my Yale SCEA app (yes, i KNOW i shouldn't have done that). I was really rushing through my resume when applying for Yale and totally forgot some old awards I won 3-4 years ago. Would it be wise or annoying to email the office and ask to add those details?</p>

<p>And if I do, should I email them a complete new "Additional Info" document or just an addendum?</p>

<p>I've already been emailing the same Assistant Director of admissions a few times about my PG year mistake, my supplementary recs and about my interview availability. If i do send more additional info such as the above, should I just stop bothering her specifically and send it to the general student admissions email address instead?</p>

<p>thanks guys</p>

<p>Wise, Addendum, General.</p>

<p>hahha, good one, thanks for your advice.</p>

<p>what do the rest of you guys think? I think i should also notify the Assistant Director that I'm sending this (as well as all future emails) to the general email instead of to her, since i've been bothering her so much.</p>

<p>If you send anything, send it by snail mail. The admissions offices get so many e-mails, and so many of them are just requests for information, that it is too easy for an e-mail to get lost or simply not printed out and added to your file. </p>

<p>And if you do send anything, add the information about your PG year mistake and your supplementary tecs. Again, snail mail is more likely to get into your file.</p>

<p>You say you won some awards "3 or 4 years ago." Admissions officers are not interested in seeing anything that happened prior to your freshman year in high school, so keep that in mind when you're updating any info.</p>

<p>Chedva: Even if I email them the addendum and they acknowledge it in a reply? hmmm, if I send by snail mail, and also the correct the PG year mistakes, I'd have to submit a brand new resume to replace the old Additional Info section wouldn't I?</p>

<p>Snail mail really is more likely to get into my file? I really didn't think of that or know that. I always assumed that online stuff was more difficult to lose since it wasn't physical mail that could get lost along the way.Would it be okay as long as they acknowledge receipt of online email submissions?</p>

<p>blackeyedsusan: yep, those awards were 9th grade ones, almost 5 years ago actually. That certainly makes me feel old :P</p>

<p>And oh, should I submit award proofs to go along with my addendum? To show I really won them long ago and did forget about them?</p>


<p>Think about the most likely way that an admissions office is set up. Someone is reading e-mails. More than half of them just ask for information, so they're answered, but not filed and not linked to an admissions file. Now one or two come in that should be put in the applicant's file, but the person reading the e-mail isn't necessarily going to be filing things routinely. Your e-mail could end up unlost, but also unfiled.</p>

<p>Alternatively, you send something by snail mail. There are people whose responsibility it is to open the mail. The office is getting tons of mail - transcripts, applications, supplements, recommendations. Each one of these pieces of paper need to be filed. The people opening the mail are expecting to file materials, and are used to doing it as a matter of routine.</p>

<p>Which method do you think will more likely result in the information getting into your file?</p>

<p>And no, you don't have to send proof unless they ask for it.</p>

<p>Skip it . It's in 9th grade. It's not a big deal.</p>

<p>That'd have never occurred to me, thanks Chevda for helping me see that. Should I then submit a completely new Additional Info section to supersede the old one, or just submit an addendum? A new sheet would probably be less confusing, especially concerning the PG year checkboxes.</p>

<p>99cents: I don't mind if it helps me, even slightly - that's my mindset this time round. They're moderately good awards in my country. I just hope it doesn't annoy the office and backfire instead, that it'll do more good than harm overall. What do you think?</p>

<p>what award is it? i must have heard of it :)</p>

<p>"moderately good", so nothing like yours hraghuvir :)</p>