Just started Looking

<p>Just started junior year and looking at colleges. I go to one of the top private schools in the country in MD and pretty sure I want to do something in politics (I already am) so thinking a poli sci degree. So far the only schools I really like are Georgetown and Claremont McKenna but like I said, I just started looking. </p>

3.5ish GPA (school does do GPA or class rank) Tough school though. Like a fiftth go to ivies and more than half go to ivies or ivy caliber (Vanderbilt, Wash U Johns Hopkins etc.)</p>

<p>PSAT as of soph in oct - 1730-1180 old scale looking for a 2000-1300 this year.</p>

-4 year young democrats of school pres junior and senior year
- 3 year Its Academic (will likely be on tv this and next year)
- 3 year Model UN
- VP this year and pres (likely) next of temple youth group
- internship on gubernatorial campaign. Could be kept on after election.
- Work: camp counselor @ sleep away camp in summer. Also work at temple during sunday school</p>

<p>I have more but those are my major ones.</p>

<p>Recs- Will get great recs because I love learning and particpate in class discussions even if my grades do not show it. Will also get recs from campaign including possibility of future governor but likely it will be one of his aides.</p>

<p>Like I said, I jsut started looking and any other suggestions would be great. I also have not visited anything,</p>