Just submitted Uva, what are my chances?

I live in southern VA. My school is technically an inner-city school (not sure if that matters). I have a weighted GPA of 4.34 and I am in the top 5% out of my class of 300. I have taken a very rigorous course load including the APs: Bio(4), Chem(4), Euro (4), Geo(4), US history (5), Lang(5). I am currently taking 4 aps this year (physics 1, gov, calc, and lit). My ACT was a composite of a 32 and y writing was an 8. My SAT subject test scores were a 760 for Math 2, 750 for Chem, and 700 for US History. I also have a multitude of extra curriculums since I am president of 3 clubs and have gone on a medical mission for Operation Smile to China

Hey! I can answer this question probably more accurately from experience (I am from rural Southern Virginia).

This past Spring I was admitted with a 28 ACT, 8 APs overall, and I graduated with my Associate’s the week before I graduated from high school. Both of my Subject Test scores were in the mid 600s. I was barely in the top 10% of my class of roughly about 300. My AP scores were similar to yours. My GPA was a 4.0 but my school weighted AP and honors the same way they did regular classes. I was drum major and I was also leader for three other clubs so we’re even on that.

I think being from Southern VA gives you an edge. A friend of mine with stats like yours is an Echols Scholar–she also got into Duke.

By the way, are you from Martinsville or Danville?

I live in the tidewater region, i apoligize