Just trying to get into UCSB, Cal Poly, or UCD

<p>My stats are:
UC GPA: 4.2
SAT1: 1300 (690M 610V)
WRITING - 510 (will retake, and HOPEFULLY will reach 600, but it could be anywhere 510+. won’t expect anything higher then a 600)
APs: Lang/Comp - 3</p>

<p>I am taking AP calc and AP stat. hope to major in math/stat</p>

<p>California student, white, male.</p>

Varsity Badminton - 2 years
Golf - 1 year
Drama Club - 3 Years
Thespian Society - 2 years
Tech Crew - 4 years
I will have worked on around 6 school plays and 3 school fashion shows. well over 150+ hours.</p>

<p>Schools that I want to get into are (in order of preference). But I really just want to get into UCSB and Cal Poly.

  1. UCSB
  2. Cal Poly
  3. UCD
  4. UCI</p>


<p>with your stats you'll get into all of them...</p>

<p>UCSB- match
CP- match
UCD- match
UCI- match
UCSC- safety
SDSU- safety</p>

<p>Maybe try for berkeley or ucla as a reach, unless you really don't like them.</p>

<p>You have a fair shot but are in no way a shoe in. Write a really good essay and run it by some teachers/counselors.</p>