Just wanting to confirm for transfer

<p>Is it true that you have to write 2 essays under 90mins to transfer into washington?</p>

<p>i'm so confused, i never heard that before!
i got in for fall as a transfer and all i had to write was the essay that came w/ the application, which did not have a time limit, you just had to apply by a certain deadline</p>

<p>maybe this is for international students, or oos???</p>

<p>i know to get into a professional 4 yr program (such as pharmacy school) once you send in your essays, application, and letter of recommendation and you make it to the interview stage they have you write an essay within a certain time period to make sure that you have the writing skills for your future career and you didn't just have someone write ur essays for you
but i never heard of that for a general transfer</p>