Just when you think you've heard it all

I’m not sure I’d believe this if someone had written it in a novel:

Some thoughts going through my mind:

Where were the parents? What, exactly, did they all expect? If that was God’s message to them I think they need to find a different place of worship. Glad it wasn’t my son/daughter!



Saw this on the news- so strange!

The article said that they were re-connecting after 30 years so it doesn’t sound like they are kids.

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True, I guess we don’t even know if their parents are still alive. I’m just used to parents - well, mothers, being involved even with second and older marriages unless someone has something small or elopes.

This one is truly a head-scratcher!

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Here’s another one that fits the thread title. I’d place bets that, “Here, hold my beer” or a similar phrase preceded the ride. It’s also sad to know the driver abandoned his friends when they were in dire need. I wonder what he was thinking watching the mattress on the bonfire. Didn’t he care at all about them?