Just wondering, how do you guys study?

<p>Like do you make a schedule or what? Like for Calculus or Science related subjects, how do you prepare for exams? Like how do you predict what is on the exam?</p>

<p>Flipping through a prepbook looking for anything unfamiliar material a few weeks before the test should be fine, assuming that you have been keeping up with your class through out the year. If self-studying, it really depends on the person, personally I do better under pressure, so I will start studying/cramming about a month or so before the test. </p>

<p>Math and science (physics and chem at least) tests mainly on concepts, there is no way to predict any exact questions on the exam, but the question types are limited. Bio, on the other hand, is 90% memorization based, but you can be sure that important concepts such as photosynthesis will be covered. There is no substitution for doing problems. Looking at how a sample problem is solved is a completely different story than doing the problem from scratch yourself.</p>

<p>I just understand why things happen as I learn it, and then I don't need to study. I've found that as long as I understand thing, then I require minimal studying. Doing homework helps accomplish this too. I usually get very high As in math and science, so it works for me.</p>

<p>For AP exams in general, I always read my textbook throughout the year. Once April comes around, I usually devote most of my time to reading review books and taking practice tests. I tried to make a schedule and stick to it, but I really saw no point to it after awhile. As long as I was using my time to work through practice problems then I was doing just fine. I also do as many FRQs from AP Central as are available. This is especially helpful for math subjects like Calc and Stat. There were FRQs on the Calc exam this year that I would not have been able to answer if I hadn't looked on AP Central. The format was exactly the same for some questions this year as it was in previous years. Little things like that make a big difference.</p>

<p>I do make a schedule before term 4 at my school, which follows a block schedule, begins. However, it is just tentative. For Calculus, I do not need to take notes since all the information is conveyed clearly in the textbook and I rely more on that than on a prep book since I want a better grasp on the concept of calculus. For science, I just read through the textbook since it has more information than prep books. I use prep books at the very end.</p>

<p>AP Central is the only place to practice doing FRQs.</p>

<p>If I'm self-studying a Math or science AP, I'll go through the textbook chapter-by-chapter and take detailed notes. It just helps me understand the concept. Then I'll open a review book like PR or Barron's and go through that. Finally like 2 weeks before the test, I'll take anywhere from 1-3 practice tests depending on how hard the subject is for me. (jerrry4445 is right that you should get all of your FRQ's from AP Central).</p>

<p>No, because I noticed there is a huge gap between college work and highs chool (calc III is really pwning me)</p>

<p>Oh. You're talking about college courses. For my friend, he received an A in Calculus III by reading through his textbook and doing the exercise problems, and he did the same method for Differential Equations. I don't think he listened to the professor's lectures much.</p>

<p>For science, my cousin listened to his professor's lectures and spent hours studying from the textbooks, especially for Organic Chemistry.</p>

<p>I know, but I am like the only one there that doesn't know who the hell everyone is. Like my prof gives us like quizzes that are beyond difficult.</p>