just wondering.why few ppl r talking about Scripps

<p>for me, i think it's a great school. and the 5C colleges r actually underrated. But I kinda checked around. and found out that Scripps is not in the CC top liberal arts college list. and there arent many ppl talking around.... just wonder why. and what do u guys think about Scripps. btw, my sis got into Scripps and MHC last year. and she chose Scripps though she also loves MHC. it was a hard decision. and she chose Scripps. she likes everything but she mentions that there arent a lot of international students around? wt do u guys think :)</p>

<p>Scripps is on the US News list, and that’s one reason why my daughter dragged us out to Claremont last March to look at it and Pomona. She ended up applying to both, as well as a few other women’s colleges and Stanford. Won’t know anything until decisions come out in the spring.</p>

<p>I think California schools in general are underrated compared to east coast schools. People just don’t take them as seriously. I actually had one mother here in MA tell me that my daughter would “definitely” get into Stanford, even though its acceptance rate is as low as the Ivies, which people seem to worship here. Maybe there’s something about a crappy climate that makes people think the schools are better??</p>

<p>I was going to say location, but I just looked and noticed that Pomona, Harvey Mudd, and Claremont Mckenna are all listed on CC’s Top Liberal Arts Colleges. It’s only Pitzer and Scripps that aren’t listed. Not sure why that is…I think Pitzer and Scripps have the highest acceptance rate out of the 5C’s, so maybe that’s why?</p>

<p>I had never heard of the 5C’s until my teacher told me about them, but he referred to them as “the Ivy League of the West Coast.” Of course, everyone’s heard of Ivy League, but few people have heard of the 5C’s. For some reason schools on the West Coast don’t just seem to get the same name recognition as East Coast colleges. </p>

<p>I would agree that the 5C’s are unfairly underrated. Personally, I think Scripps is a great school, too! In my opinion, it totally ranks with the Seven Sisters ^^</p>