Just wondering.

<p>I haven't done anything SAT related since taking the Jan exam, which is very bad I know, but I can't seem to allocate time for practice due to school, EC's, and various things. On average how many points does one lose if one doesn't stay consistent in SAT practice?</p>

<p>Why is that bad? Life shouldn't center around SAT prep, and you can only do so much SAT prep. Are you preparing for the March SAT? </p>

<p>For me, I didn't do any SAT prep between the May and October SAT, except simply reading books if that counts. I jumped 260 points, from 2000 to 2260.</p>

<p>It usually takes a couple of days to refresh your memory after a long holiday. I took the November SAT, and I did absolutely no SAT prep afterwards for several weeks: not because I didn't have time, but because I needed a break. Then I received my scores, and began toiling once more, and after one exam, I had refreshed my memory, and was able to take the January SAT. So from experience, one does not make a material point loss if one does not prep for a couple of weeks for one reason or another.</p>

<p>Thank you Fat_Nerd. I'm already in tension and in somewhat of a state of depression. I saw that today is the 13th and remembered that we will be receiving our scores in 3 days. Haha. I know what I'll be doing when I take a glance at my atrocious scores. Out of curiosity, have you taken any SAT2's yet?</p>

<p>I'll probably be taking SAT 2 in May, god willing. But nothing's sure yet! I still need to know how I did in January :) Let me know your scores when they come out, I'm sure it'll all turn out fine, plus this is your very first time and is only to get a feel for the exam and so..even if you did bad (according to CC standards, but in truth, anything above 1800 is superior), then you can always take the exam again: you're still a Junior. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks. :) I'm sure I'll be carrying the burden of my parents sorrows with the bad SAT considering that I'm Asian, and everything should be done to perfection. I also want to take SAT2's in May, but the AP classes that I'm taking right now do not correlate with any SAT2's, so I'll have to start self-studying the material. Which SAT2's are you planning to take?</p>

<p>Biology and Math, god willing. What about you? What subjects are you interested in? As a matter of fact, what college do you plan on going to? (Considering you're Asian, please don't say medicine or law :P)</p>

<p>Haha. I'm planning on taking Bio for sure, and either Chemistry or Math. Schools I'm looking at: Brown, Cornell, possibly Columbia, and Harvard(just so I can say I applied, I'm probably not going to get in since the process is somewhat convoluted), UC Berkeley, Stanford, John Hopkins. As for major. I want to bio major and unfortunately I'll be following the stereotype of going into medicine. however, I can say that I'm truly passionate about medicine and am not pushed by my parents. I want to become a physician haha :). Wbu? I'm honestly just praying that I can break at least 2100 SAT and 700's SAT2's. Unfortunately my school is really crappy and we have very few AP's. Probably 6-8 total. Pretty sad.</p>

<p>Oh and I dislike Chemistry, but I love Bio and I used to dislike math, but I've grown surprising interest to it lately. I'm fine with pretty much everything else. I'd say I mostly dislike subjects like AP Govt. the most due to the somewhat contradictory and vague setup of govt. and other stuff.</p>

<p>You seem passionate about your interests. Work hard my friend. Keep in mind a piece of advice: innate ability does not separate the winners from the losers, it is hard-work, determination, effort and experience that does. If you ever get the feeling that you have plateaued, you have not. I'm saying this, because I have personally had many turbulences throughout my studying for the SAT, and I've had much psychological stress. But if you push through, working diligently, and focusing on your goal, you will most definitely achieve it. I'm telling you this because the path you've chosen for yourself is a difficult one - Biology is difficult, and Ivy League admission is difficult. It needs a strong will and a solid determination. But first things first: the SATs! :p 3 days away, hopefully satisfying scores.</p>

<p>Thanks bro. I'm definitely going to keep trying and maintain a good work ethic. It's just disappointing knowing that my school is very bad and offers very few AP's because they care about athletics and support classes. It's quite irritating. I'm really nervous for the SAT, as I had skipped a lot in CR and Math and had a very rude and mean proctor, but I can't keep making up excuses. Unfortunately what's done is done, so we will see Thursday. What do you plan on becoming? An engineer?</p>