Just wondering!

<p>I'm looking into Flagler College and I just wanted to know what people thought, in general, of Flagler! I'm looking into Graphic Design, so if anyone has any information on that, that'd be great! I also would like to know about the popularity of the sports teams (I'm a soccer player), the kinds of people that go there, what people do for fun, the food (I've heard it's terrible!), the party scene, reputations, anything! You name it, I want to hear it! </p>

<p>Thanks for anyone who replies!</p>

Im looking at Flagler too! I'm also unsure of the college, I don't know what to think! Have you been accepted? The low cost of tuition is a great thing, but I feel like it's not as academically strong as many other colleges..eh.</p>

<p>I'm only a junior, so I haven't applied yet, but I've been talking to the soccer coach down there (I'm from way up north Minnesota) and it seems like a very nice school. I think it is strong, especially if you are going into one of their programs of distinction (they're listed on the website) but I have no idea so I would love to hear what others have to say!</p>

<p>I applied for the fall as a transfer and was talking to a current student there now on facebook, here's some of what he said: </p>

<p>"As a 2nd semester freshman, I love it. The professors I had last semester and this semester are really great. This university is academically challenging. Unlike other colleges in Florida, Flagler College is NOT a party school. The student life here is pretty much decent. I can’t complain. I highly do recommend you coming to Flagler College."</p>

<p>"Flagler does have a ton of rules, which all students must follow. One big one is that males cannot go into the girl’s dorm and vise versa. Students hang out with their opposite sex by hanging out in the student center, house parties on the weekends, the dinning hall, clubs in town, playing sports, etc."</p>

<p>" if you like a small educated atmasphere with 20-50 students students in your class until your junior year Flagler also has a 1 to 20 or so ratio too umm...s=its a small town we have a beach here roughly 10 minutes away which is a high plus in the fall and spring time,theres always tourist here b/c this town is historic"</p>

<p>hope this helps</p>

<p>Flagler is VERY strict with their rules. If rules aren't for you, don't go there.</p>

<p>Anyone going to Flagler?</p>

<p>I agree. VERY strict college. Lots of perks, including the town and the beach. Liberal Arts completely and an artsy type town. If you are into sports, then it's a no. This is NOT what this college is about!</p>