juvenile record and college.

<p>Hi I was wondering if i had any chance to get into college with a felony on my juvenile record. When i was 14 i was with a friend who did something stupid. Long story short I was young didnt have a lawyer didnt know anything and plead guilty to a charge that I should only have been an accomplice too at most. Now I'm 17 apps are coming up and I really want to get into UC berkeley. I have about a 3.7 gpa but i have the highest SAT in my class I have all 5's on my ap exams Im a captain on the football team I run an online retail company I have a few volunteer hours, and I'm founder and president of the bowling club at my school. Will my past disable me to attend my school of choice? Or any school at that matter?</p>

<p>Explain the situation, I suppose. I'm pretty sure there's a section for that. At the very least, you should show them that you've changed, and that you've learned something from that or something.</p>

<p>It will make it more difficult, but it's not an automatic rejection. The best thing you can do (short of getting it expunged or otherwise removed from your record) is to explain what happened and how you've learned from it and changed your actions accordingly.</p>

<p>There is a section for an explanation (or an instruction to attach one) on nearly every application.</p>

<p>Do colleges have access to juvenile criminal records in California? </p>

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<p>Thank you guys for not making me feel too hopeless. What happened was my friend had just gotten back from Las Vegas for a football tournament and brought back some of the explicit advertisements you find all over the streets of Las Vegas. We went to a school musical and he thought it would be funny to put the cards in lockers and stuff and i didn't stop him. I was with him but I had no part in the placement of the cards. When court came around I was scared and wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. So I plead guilty not knowing the severity of the charges at the time.</p>

<p>That's not too bad actually, just say what happened and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Yeah, even if you can't get it off your record, they probably won't care about that. That's just kids being kids. It's not like you mugged someone or got into some huge brawl or anything like that.</p>

<p>Just explain what you've learned from the situation.</p>

<p>While I wouldn't necessarily put this on the application, hopefully you've learned something about getting adequate legal counsel ;)</p>