K College was a great choice

<p>It was five years ago our son chose to go to K. We didn't know the school until he began his college search. He pretty much clicked with it from his first visit, and we packed him off as a freshman hoping for the best.</p>

<p>Yesterday he graduated. It was a gorgeous day and if there's one thing small colleges get right it's ceremony. The graduation was beautiful and the happiness and cameraderie of the students was unfettered and obvious. The campus looked fantastic for the event. What a beautiful place to study and grow.</p>

<p>Our son made the most of Kalamazoo College by really digging in to his studies, getting to know his professors, making great friends with his classmates, going on a great foreign study term. </p>

<p>For those of you, parents or students, who are thinking about K, or already committed to it, I wish you all the best. Any school, of any type, is what you make of it, but be assured Kalamazoo can be a great choice.</p>

<p>I am so glad you posted this, MilwDad. Kalamazoo College is high on our list. My daughter and I enjoyed a nice visit to Kalamazoo last fall. My daughter instantly loved the feel of the campus and was intrigued by the pedagogical approach. Best of luck to your son as he enters the next phase of his life!</p>