K-state engineering school, is it good???


<p>I realise there aint many K-staters on this forum. But if anybodys there, how would you rate the engineering school at K-state?? I mean I know it is not ivy league, but does it have a decent reputation?? Are people able to jobs?? I am gonna change my major to computer engineering when I go there. So if you know anything about the specific major that wuld be awesome!! :)</p>

<p>anybody out there????</p>

<p>^^bump!! Anyone wana help me?? :)</p>

<p>My dad went to K-State and graduated with honors from their Milling Science and Engineering (the name may have changed slightly since he graduated, but I know for sure that they still have the major) program. He has had absolutely no problems getting jobs, and regularly gets job offers, despite not looking for them. </p>

<p>That being said, any school is what you make of it. If you work your butt off and have good grades, you'll probably be okay when it comes time to get a job. And, if I read your post correctly, you're transferring in? You might not be able to change to an engineering major without tacking on some extra years, if you're able to at all. Some schools won't let you, and I would be sure to double check with the engineering department at K-State to be sure that you're able to before you get your heart set on your new major.</p>

<p>hey kenzieee!! thanks for replying! and yah when I meant I will be changing my major I meant that I have Engineering, General, as of now. and I will be going in my sophomore year so I still have time to declare a major! :) Thanks for the info.
I am a good student, I scored 2200 in the SATS, and am really not afraid to work my butt off in college, I just want to make a good career for myself. The only concern I had was that I did not want to work in a pizza place after 4 years of grueling engineering school. But I guess you are right, if I work hard, I should be alright! :)</p>

<p>anyone else wana chime in with anything?? :)</p>