Kalamazoo College Parents Thread

I know it’s a small school, but there is not much info on here and there has been no Parent Group on Facebook, that I could find anyway, until I created one in June. Just search for “Kalamazoo College Parents.”

If you’d like to connect at least on here about any topics regarding our K Students or the school or both, let’s get this thread going.

Big question meriting discussion has been to get the Meningitis B Vaccine or not in light of the student who passed away from it on campus only 2 years ago. My son just got his first dose and insurance covers 90% of the $192 cost per dosage. Two are required. Worth it for peace of mind if you can swing it.

Has anybody had dealings with the Student Services staff yet for getting accommodations? Someone on FB on the K Page was complaining about…

Anybody know or remember if Trowbridge Dorm has concrete, sheetrock or plaster walls?

Remember to get your student to sign a health care proxy for Michigan as well as your state. FERPA is not enough for if and when something happens and your student is over 18 so nobody has to LEGALLY tell you anything and may get in trouble if they do, without the proxy.

Here’s the link for the Facebook Group, just add the site name with the dot com where the asterisks are. I left it out in case CC doesn’t allow full links to outside groups. Then copy and paste into your search box in your browser: