Kalamazoo Economics?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>I heard that Kalamazoo is a good school. Yet, do they have good economics program? </p>

<p>Also what are the benefits of going to Kalamazoo?</p>

They have econ and business. The classes are all called econ, though. Don’t know what you are comparing Kzoo against, but it’s a great school. The price tag is just that, but no one (or just about) pays full price. They are quite generous with scholarships and financial aid in general. My daughter is currently a business major, but might switch to econ. You would expect to go to grad school, and K is an excellent place to start. At least 80% of their graduates go on to a masters or phd. Visit overnight and talk to the students to get a feel for whether it is the right fit for you. If by chance you live in Michigan, it’s apples and oranges to try to compare to the large publics like MSU and UM. Some have a silly impression that K is a backup school for those who don’t get into UM. I can’t imagine that makes much sense. The two are dramatically different places.