Kansas University for premed

Hi all,

Could you please share your views about how is Kansas University for premed studies. Is it a good university? Or shall I see other options too.

Thank you

You can be premed at many schools. You want to find a school where you can graduate with a fairly high GPA, and get the courses and experiences you need for medical school. Getting a fairly inexpensive undergraduate education is helpful since medical school is so expensive.

The University of Kansas is a good university. They also have a medical school, but going to KU does not put you at an advantage for admission. Being a resident of Kansas or having significant Kansas ties does help, though.

FYI, the KU School of Medicine only considers applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents.

Thank you so much for your reply. Yeah I read that they don’t offer place to international students. So I’ll most probably apply to a private university for MD. I just want to complete MD prerequisite and hence KU was suggested to me. Is their science department good? Or would you recommend me to do premed studies at a different university?

Thanks in advance.

US med schools accept very few international students, so you’re better off trying to become a doctor in your own country. Having taken the premed requirements at a US university does not change the odds

Thank you for your reply. I certainly understand that it’s difficult but not impossible :slight_smile:

Do I confirm my place at Kansas university or shall I try other colleges too like Boston University or University of Pittsburgh?

Any advice regarding the same would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you