Kaplan Practice Tests for Practice

<p>Can it be detrimental? I mean, I have its book of, i think, 10 practice tests, and after being here and reading the posts, I'm kind of scared to use it. I don't expect it to be accurate at all, but could it hurt me if I used it as practice?</p>

<p>i am in the exact same situation, which means i cant answer the question, but i have taken the sat and the kaplan questions arent that far off from the CB questions, so im going to do a couple of those practice test and probably do my latter studying with the CB tests</p>

<p>I would do the PR tests. Much better IMHO.</p>

<p>i've been taking kaplan practice tests and i don't understand what is so bad about it. my most recent score on a kaplan test before the psat pretty much correlated to my score on the psat.</p>

<p>i agree, i dont really see how they could hurt that badly...worse thing would probably be its a waste of time, but i really dont think its that bad at all. A lot of the anti-kaplan talk on CC came from tutors, who are competitors of kaplan, so im a bit skeptical to believe everything i read about kaplan and its tests, and after all a lot of it is just opinion.</p>

<p>Hm... I also have some Kaplan stuff. Not practice tests, but I got the "Critical Reading Workbook" and the "Writing Workbook." And like you, I've been reluctant to use them much, but I think I'm probably going to start doing them.</p>