Kaplan sample tests vs. the real SAT

<p>how do the Kaplan practice tests compare to the real SAT......is it easier or harder?
why is the Kaplan scale so messed up
in Verbal 71 or more is a 800!</p>

<p>anyone..........espp the verbal??</p>


<p>My son and a classmate are convinced that the Kaplan SAT 1 tests - at least the ones you take as part of the private tutoring program there - are harder than the real SATs. I asked the Kaplan people about it yesterday, and they said no - they make every effort to make them as similar as possible. However, they went on to say, they do include a slightly higher percentage of harder questions, because they figure kids need less practice on the easier ones. To my mind, that would surely make them harder. I don't know anything about the scale.</p>

<p>i took a kaplan course, and the tests were defn harder than the real thing.</p>

<p>The tests may be harder, but their curves are more generous. I had to use two scales (sparknotes) to get a better idea of how I was doing. The sparknotes scale was about 30 pts. less. I still think Kaplan books are good.</p>