Kaplan SAT 2 Bio

<p>I've read PR and Barrons and done their practice tests. I also have the Kaplan book and I wanted to know if it's worth reading or just doing the practice tests and going over the answers. I'm taking the test this saturday along with math 2. </p>

<p>PR I scored 720 and 680 on the practice tests and on Barrons 780 and 800. I know all the concepts in PR and Barrons well but I was wondering if I should also try to squeeze the roughly 200 pages of Kaplan into my schedule, and yes i'm trying to get an 800.</p>

<p>Also, i'm planning on taking sparknotes practice tests but I wanted to wait until after I read Kaplan to do them perhaps.</p>

<p>bump, got a 780 on the first sparknotes test after recalculating score from the 3 questions that were typed poorly. Thinking of just doing the Kaplan tests and going over them and reviewing PR/Barrons instead of reading Kaplans but still want suggestions.</p>