Kaplan word list


<p>I am gonig to take the S.A.T I test either in november or january , For that i bought the kaplan verbal test prep book which contains a vocabulary bank with 2000 words give or take.</p>

<p>Should i trust them and learn all the words or turn to a different more reliable word bank ?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance,</p>


<p>ummm word lists no doubt help, but i have found that working on critical reading helps me the most... i need to do sobfore january. i usually miss less than 5 combined btw analogies and sent. completions and then 10+ for critical reading.</p>

<p>my 2 cents - make sure you review everything, not just vocab!</p>

<p>No doubt and i will follow that strategy.</p>

<p>But i would like to know about 2000+ words because attempting any analogy or Sc drills..</p>

<p>Any other sources you might want to recommend ?</p>

<p>Thanks ,</p>


<p>im not sure about those words never tried to memorize them</p>

<p>barron's sat prep book has a nice 200word (yes 200) flashcard section, i memorized all of those and only missed 1 analogy and 2 sent. completions. (yes i did memorize other words too. i went through 10 real sat's and picked out all the vocab words i didnt know and then looked them up and memorized... or atleast i tried to.. got sidetracked though.. lol)</p>

<p>kaplan has good words. but study everything. vocab will fit in</p>

<p>I found Kaplan's wordlist helpful. But, remember to just take it a step at a time. Don't try to memorize them all at once or in a big chunk.</p>

<p>I still think that studying vocabulary is the best way to raise a verbal score.</p>

<p>sparknotes 1000 most common (listed in the old sat1 section) are really helpful</p>

<p>Thanks guys. in the upcoming days i am planning to prepare a nice vocab list that contains words from kaplan word bank + 1000 common sat words + 10 reals vocab.
hope i'll be able to learn them all by january (thats when i am going to take the satI exam) ...</p>


<p>i use word smart...837 words, 2000 is a little extravagant..at the back of the word smart they have a list of commonly tested words in order of popularity, so if you really need to cram its helpful</p>