Kaplan workbooks

<p>Are they really good like the reviews say they are?</p>

<p>Like for example if you score about a 690, can it bump it to 750?</p>

<p>Which workbook? Math? Writing? CR?</p>

<p>Math ^</p>


<p>I'll make sure to check it out for you next time I drive to the bookstore :).</p>

<p>Thanks (:</p>

<p>It looks really easy. So I think I'll finish it in a week</p>

<p>I would say get a more widely used/liked one such as Barron's, Grubers, Dr. Chung's, etc.</p>

<p>My parents thin dr. chung is way expensive. And barron math has a bunch of mistakes. idk about grubers. But I heard grubers are for people scoring under 650. I'm scoring 700s</p>

<p>Dorkyelmo, my current math score is around 740. We both don't need a math workbook, just learn from your mistakes and we will get 800s in no time</p>

<p>Actually it's 690 ^
And I tried. But actually most of my books end up with mistakes. so fml</p>