Kaplans SAT 2010-2011 Edition Premier thoughts?

<p>So I have done some browsing on books by Kaplan and wanted to get a general opinion on this book. Is this book worth using and studying from? My scores from May (1st time) was in the 1500s, awful I know. I have been studying from PR and the BB this whole summer and feel like I improved alot on both writing and math. I am determined to do well on the October SAT with a goal of 1900+ in mind. What do you guys think of this book: Kaplan's SAT 2010-2011 Premier Edition?</p>

<p>Everyones gunna say Kaplan sucks and to use BB</p>

<p>I'm getting the 2012 one (it is currently GONE from amazon or something.. because I ordered it from amazon like 3 weeks ago..). But I like kaplan. Except the stupid mistakes</p>