Kate + 8 ....same old, same old

<p>Anyone watch the revival of the old show? Seemed pretty much the same business to me....feel-sorry-for-me Kate, vacations w/frills and conveniences beyond belief ( I mean, at least WE haven't had penguins greet us at the airport!!!) and fakeness abound. </p>

<p>I watched because youngest D wanted to -- it was actually bordering on boring. 6 years old and still using the sippy cups and booster/high chairs????</p>

<p>I don't know, the cuteness factor (the kids are still cute, the show not so much) may finally be gone and not sure if this show can survive.</p>

<p>Can someone remind me - why do we care about this woman? I've never understood all the interest.</p>

<p>LOL, I can't believe I even clicked on this thread!
Just say NO!! There are better things to do with our time. </p>

<p>Last night I watched "Sarhara" with Matthew McConaughey - YUM!</p>

<p>I am betting this show will not even complete filming their initial episodes. TLC's heirarchy should have realized that she got horrendous press regarding DWTS and that people are tired of her.</p>

<p>My only question is how many tabloids covers will she been on when she goes off the rails after they cancel this show?</p>

<p>I think most tv viewers are like me, there is one thing to slow down and look at the accident, and another to stop and get out of your car. Don't know about you, but I have never seen in my lifetime people who weren't involved in the accident stopping to get out and watch. </p>

<p>TLC needs to shake up their mgmt and fire anyone who believes that people want to watch this stuff.</p>

<p>Anybody else notice she was to her old tricks of give me free stuff and I'll through your name in every few seconds? I only saw the promo's, but I swear every one I aw had Discovery Cove or Orlando in the 15 second bite.</p>

<p>I read every one talking about what a hideous dancer she is, but never saw the show. It was on when we were flipping the other night, oh my goodness, I have NEVER seen any one move that badly!!!</p>

<p>I sort of watched while reading the paper. I was totally with the twins when they objected to yet another birthday party for the other 6. Kate had said that Discovery Cove was the present, but that they still needed to have the party. But then the twins said the they'd already had one party with mom and one with dad....so this one (without friends and presents?) was just for the cameras. But the cake was cool.</p>

<p>It was more pleasant to not have to hear the Jon/Kate bickering. </p>

<p>I still think the kids are cute and wish they would edit for more kids and less Kate. They are such individuals, which I think is what people want to see.</p>

<p>Maybe it's me, but I also find it uncomfortable that we are watching a show "to see the kids" but are having Kate's body/boobs thrown on our screen in large doses. Walking through the airport with 8 kids, luggage, snacks, etc. in 3 inch heels????</p>

<p>Sippy cups at age 6, really???? Ugh!</p>

<p>I just have trouble with her "poor me" attitude. You can't do a reality show and then complain about the unwanted attention. She seems to see herself as a victim - but no one is making her do a reality show, do DWTS, etc. She makes a ton of money, gets all kinds of perks for free, lives in a huge house, etc. Not seeing much for her to complain about, but complain she does. I can't think of anyone else on tv who whines more than Kate.</p>