Keeping the Candle Burning.. EA stands for Early Anxiety.. A Student's Thoughts

<p>The EA deadline has just passed. Well, it's about to, in about 15 minutes. I know everyone is anxious about the EA/ED decisions, and I was wondering what we could do to cope? </p>

<p>** Introduction to the Journey **
Time always flies for me. I don't know why, but now it seems to have come to a screeching halt. When I was preparing my EA application, time flew very quickly -- I was worried about meeting the deadline, finishing the application, etc.</p>

<p>* The Essays *
I met the hardest challenges of my life during this EA season. I had writer's block for my application essays for two months (my first essay for Georgetown.. the initial draft was 1,400 words). My first essay.. it was to show who I was.. It was amazing to see how difficult it is to express myself, when I should know myself the best. <em>shrug</em></p>

<p>I didn't know how to start or end the essay. All I knew was what went in between. A dozen things rang through my head as I was trying to revise it: "show, don't tell..." "don't use cliche's..." etc. So every time I tried to write my essay, I ended up doing something else -- to clear my thoughts, and moving away from the headache of it all. Thus, the procrastination.</p>

<p>It wasn't until the morning of sending the actual application that I woke up, and sat down, focused on finishing that first essay. I cleared all the thoughts out of my head -- almost in a Zen-like meditative state, and just started hacking and slashing. I rewrote this -- I revised that, oh, and I certainly had to get rid of that. I'm quite sure the final product isn't the best I could have written -- but it's the best I could have shown myself -- what I do, and who I am. </p>

<p>I remember in my extracurricular short essay, I wrote that an officer (which he did) once told me that it is not the ability of true leaders to extinguish fear completely, but rather to suppress it to the point where it no longer affects a person's mind. At first, my first essay had no focus -- it was simply a narrative where I told what I did. My thoughts weren't included, in fact, it was as if I was "Cliff's Noting/Sparknoting" my entire day. It took me three and a half months to figure this out -- and I never got it proofread, either! But I would rather take a slightly incorrect, but passionate essay over some boring narrative of my life. </p>

<p>My second essay -- the passion was there when I wrote it. There was no writer's block there -- the inspiration came from elsewhere. </p>

<p>* The Statistics and the Academics *
I'm not going to say that I am the perfect student. I'm far from your typical 1600-4.** GPA, 1st in the class valedictorian. I'm the normal Joe 1340-3.7/3.8ish, top 4% guy.. I know where I made my mistakes, and I've tried my best to recover from them.</p>

<p>The two classes that I've received a "C" grade in were Art 111 (Contemporary Art History) and Economics 001. I was naive (and still am now) and in the 10th grade, and I decided to take these classes at City College. Back then, my counselor told me these classes were weighted -- nope, they weren't. You could imagine my anger when I had first discovered this. So I pondered, and I pondered... and althroughout Sophomore year, I pondered.. Finally, I decided to show that I had a good grasp of the subject material, and I took AP Art History and AP Macroeconomics... I received an "A" in both classes, and a 3 in AP Art History.. taking the AP Macroecon test this year.. </p>

<p>I'm not a grade hog. I'll explain that below. One of my city college professors told me "It is better to receive a C and learn everything, than to receive an A and learn nothing.." His words are right.</p>

<p>I also made several mistakes during freshman year. I was transitioning from middle to high school -- I didn't know where I was going. One of my middle school teachers called me an "lazy academic maverick" -- I knew a lot, but I slacked off waay too much for my own good. I left middle school with a little over a 2.0 GPA.</p>

<p>I arrived at high school, knowing that I couldn't do the same things I did in middle school. I forced myself to turn my life around -- thus the upward trend in grades on my transcript. In middle school, I saw my GPA dip into the 2's and even the 1's at times.. I told myself never again..</p>

<p>But I knew in middle school that my love was in the Social Sciences. It was in 2000, when I found myself supporting Al Gore in the 8th grade. Little did I know my politics would change. I've still got much to learn...</p>

<p>I'm no good in standardized testing -- I can score moderately high on the SATs -- but not that well. For those parents that know me well, the reason why I score better on the Writing and the AP English Language tests is because the words smoothly flow into my head; it's my work, my composition -- I don't need to use them in some awkward analogy in which I'll never use again. It's not as if a 1600 student never uses a thesaurus or a dictionary in college. </p>

<p>With that being said, I'm not writing my best right now. I have inspection in two days, and my staff has been slacking, so I have to do the administrative work for them. :(</p>

<p>* Incomplete Conclusion *</p>

<p>I have more to write, but I feel as if I've been dragging on already. Feel free to comment, I'll post more later.</p>

<p>I'm not plaguing myself with "what if's.." I'm not pondering whether or not my application got lost in the mail (partially because I sent it Express Mail, I paid for Teacher's Recommendations to be sent certified, same with the SSR and Midyear reports). The wait has become a huge weight (ha ha, nice pun) on me, and now..</p>

<p>I'm sure this anxiety is seasonal; every college applicant who applies EA/ED probably goes through it every year. I'm sure the parents are pretty accustomed to it -- but for me, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.</p>

<p>As I wrote for my cover letter to Georgetown.. there is only one word that describes my feelings for it now: "Hope."</p>

<p>This parent is going through it, too. December 15th can't come soon enough... Good luck.</p>

<p>I can relate. I may not even be home when the envelope arrives (or e-mail). H and I will be on vacation until 12/12. I was SO CLOSE to buying a college sweatshirt really cheap on Ebay, but so afraid I'd jinx it.</p>

<p>I know what you mean about time suddenly halting. November 1 came so fast, but I am already noticing how long Dec. 15 is from now.</p>

<p>Kinasha said, "I was SO CLOSE to buying a college sweatshirt really cheap on Ebay, but so afraid I'd jinx it."</p>

<p>LOL! I BEGGED my kids NOT to wear the sweatshirts of their ED schools for the very same reason! They did anyway --- and both got in!</p>

<p>I have no one applying this year, so I am getting a rest from the anxiety, but how well I remember the
L-O-N-G wait between Nov. 1 and December 15 --- and the joy the accceptances brought! We had GREAT Christmases those years!</p>

<p>Good luck to all!</p>

<p>tlaktan, I hope you get the great news my D did two years ago on Dec. 13 which made the Christmas season an extra happy one in our house. Good luck, and I hope you have those R.D. apps ready to go, just in case. :)</p>

<p>yeah, Dec. 13 last year was a day for the memory book. I was at a Board/Staff retreat and D. came rushing into my meeting with the good news!!! Luckily, everybody at my job knows her and were also delighted for her.</p>

<p>your day will come soon enough. best of luck.</p>

<p>How did you guys find out before the 15th?</p>

<p>we are on the east coast. This LAC mailed out ED decisions on the Thursday before the 15th (which was a Monday last year) and as the US Postal Service would have it, we received it on Saturday, the 13th. My daughter and her best friend had gone into Cambridge with me for Christmas shopping in Harvard Square and a matinee at the ART (theatre). She told my husband to definitely call on friend's cell phone if envelope came from college because she wanted to know. And, boy, did she hoot and holler in the middle of Newbury Comics CD store before running to my place of employment to share the news with me.</p>

<p>D. had submitted two other apps. (RD) which she withdrew but this exciting ED acceptance save her from spending the Dec. holiday finishing five others. It also considerably destressed the rest of her senior year.</p>

<p>I've already picked out a sweatshirt, would love to have it on hand, but am too suspicious to order it. Maybe if a friend ordered it for me it wouldn't "count"...</p>

<p>That was the most relaxed post, Tlaktan!</p>

<p>Good luck for G'town SFS, but take to heart that low low acceptance rate, like HYP, and get your other apps ready to go. Find another school or another city to love.</p>

<p>I am applying ED to GW. Hopefully we'll both end up in DC next year! I am so nervous. If I get rejected, I will have to scramble to get the RD apps out.</p>

<p>Hoo, my D heard from NYU on Dec. 13 two years ago when she applied E.D. It happened to be a Friday and now she loves Friday the 13th! She got her notification via email that day, the official package arrived the following week.</p>

<p>They often email ahead of time. My son's school was supposed to email on Dec. 12. He was heading up to bed the night before, happened to check his email, and all of a sudden we heard "I got in!!!" Made for big excitement, and no one slept that night!</p>

<p>This thread makes me queasy!!!!! Good luck to everyone - my daughter just wants to get on with her life!</p>

<p>Just got back from working the polls ..</p>

<p>son got a letter from his ED school today confirming the receipt of his app and giving him his password for the admissions site. They said the decisions will be up on Dec 10th.</p>

<p>I didn't post much last time, but my school finalized Senior year GPAs today.</p>

<p>My class rank has gone up from 29th to 10th. I guess that's an improvement.</p>

<p>My GPA has also gone from 3.741 to 3.875. Another improvement, I guess.</p>

<p>Alas, it'll go unnoticed. (</p>


<p>Ask your GC to mail this new information to GT. It is absolutely appropriate. If the GC does not wish to do so, send the information to the adcom yourself. Congrats on a good performance.</p>

<p>Remebering back to this time last year caused by stomach to cramp. The daily checking on the website, the constant ruminations, on and on. Ultimately, my son was deferred (and then rejected RD) from his first choice school. What I caution you all about is how short of a time period one has between dealing with any disappointing news, and the need to find the enthusiasm to complete the balance of the collge applications. It was the second most challenging time of the whole process, the first being actually making the decision after the acceptances came in.</p>