Kelley Admission Direct/Petition

<p>Hey everyone, this thread is mainly an updated version of my last.</p>

<p>Since the last one, I magically got my cumulative GPA up to 3.7, so I'm already able to petition. My ACT score is 28, but I am retaking it once more in February, and I realize that IUB will now superscore your ACT. So, if for some reason I got below a 29 composite and had to petition, does anyone know the chances? I have a couple of EC's, and can write really good essay's. Thanks for any of the help. It's a stressful time lol.</p>

<p>Petition ASAP....from what I have heard, it's first come first serve........and the earlier the better, especially in borderline yours</p>

<p>Question.. I have pretty solid SAT scores.. in the 2200 range, but my UW GPA is not to stellar I think it is 3.4ish (mainly because of Spanish), would I have to petition when I apply next year. If it matters I have good business ECs President of FBLA, hedge fund Internship, published finance writer,ect.?</p>

<p>Yeah, you'd have to petition. Are you a junior now? </p>

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<p>Yes I am a Junior right now, I am applying OOS if that makes any difference. How do they calculate the GPA exactly? Is the petition process very competitive? Would my SATs and ECs be able to make up for the GPA? Thanks!</p>

<p>Well im applying LOS too, Haha. But, your SAT is pretty high, and Kelley wants their scores up, so that should help. I don't know how competitive it is, but from what I've heard, if you're close on the requirements, you'll get in. Plus your E's are good. But this is just coming from a kelley hopeful :)
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<p>OOS* and EC's*</p>

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<p>Thanks for the help. Hope to see you at Kelley!</p>