Kelley and Partying??

<p>As most people know, Kelley is a tough business school. However, can Kelley students still have the full "college experience", party, and have season tickets to football/basketball? Or is the coursework and stress too much? I plan on majoring in Marketing, but I'm just curious to see if business students can still have a college life (hopefully they can)...</p>

<p>the Kelley kids are notorious for their partying
I think Greek life is mostly business kids, too, but I don't know that for a fact</p>

<p>work hard, play hard</p>

<p>I went to the IU Scholar reception in my area and the Kelley representative there confirmed what my dad had heard, which is that Kelley has tests on Saturdays occasionally. However, her next words were Kelley students work hard, play hard. :)</p>

<p>You will still have plenty of time to party hardy. Just study up and rage at night. You'll find that the majority of guys in Greek life are in Kelley.</p>

<p>Way too many people party at IU... Heck, for many people I knew their weekend started on Thursday and ended on Wednesday. Yeah.</p>

<p>I'm in a frat and partied thurs-saturday every week and still got a 3.7.</p>

<p>Just make sure you get your **** done during the week. If you know you gotta stay in and study to get an A in the class, stay in and study.</p>

<p>"I'm in a frat and partied thurs-saturday every week and still got a 3.7."</p>

<p>What classes did you take?</p>

<p>1st semester</p>

KLLC Class
X104- Get Byron Craig if you can


Intl-i100- Whatever you do, dont get amy gray
Tele- T101- An Awesome class, take if you can
KLLC Class
P255- If you are a Direct Admitt and want to know about this send me a message</p>

<p>is byron craig only for DA? I was looking at the grade distribution and all the sections had a GPA of 3.6 or higher.</p>

<p>He is a much easier grader than any other teacher. It doesn't mean hes a bad teacher though. I learned more in that class about public speaking then all of my other speech classes combined. I'm not 100% if all of his classes are DA but mine was.</p>

<p>AGREE with outsidesmoke. Do NOT get Amy Gray. Horrible.</p>

<p>If you look at the grade distribution Amy Grays class has a 2.6gpa whereas the other section has a 3.0+</p>

<p>Here is my story,</p>

<p>You pick a country at the beginning of class and you find a bunch of current events about this country during the semester and then write a overall paper about these topics. I happened to pick Mexico and spent most of the paper focusing on the drug wars and figured I did pretty well, at least a 8/10 (there's 100 points in the class). However, when I got it back i got a 6/10 because I didn't focus on "the tourism that is coming up during spring break." I thought it was a load of bs but I decided to man up and forget about it. A week later I found out that she focused her master's on tourism and she thought tourism is god's greatest subject in the world so she took of 4 percent of my grade because I didn't mention it. After talking to her several times about my grade, I believe she started to hold a grudge against me.</p>

<p>We had several 2 point assignments. I always worked with a girl on my floor and we always had the same answers. EVERY TIME she would give me a 1.5/2 but my a friend a 2/2. With 8 assignments during the year that's another 4 points leaving me with a 92 in the glass (that's before the midterm, final, the other paper and participation)</p>

<p>It was bad enough that I had the problems mentioned above but she also came to class very unprepared and could not get a class discussion started to save her life. Whatever you do, do not take her class.</p>

<p>It is very, VERY possible to take classes in Kelley and party, especially in the later stages (aka senior year). Freshman year and somewhat sophomore year I HIGHLY encourage you to concentrate on classes and go out only on the weekends. Get that GPA high before the inveitable GPA going down due to ICORE.</p>

<p>outsidesmoke: I'm a DA doing x-255, is that similar to p255?</p>

<p>lolol, bragging about how you got a 3.7 while partying all the time is not a trait you would want to highlight especially for prospective students. when we all graduate we want our aluma matter to be as highly respected as possible in the u.s. as well as internationally. </p>

<p>i don't want to sound all mature and ****... but labeling indiana as a party... work hard play hard school... does more negatives than positives in the long run.</p>