Kelley Direct Petition

Just started to fill out a petition-

how do I answer "In the box below, please inform us of other circumstances we should be aware of as we consider your petition. (250 words)ā€?

My daughter discussed the inability to take the SAT and obtain a qualifying score because of test cancellations.

I know someone else who discussed a challenging family background that hindered academic performance.

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I am lucky enough that I was able to take the ACT and not have any other circumstances they need to be aware of. Iā€™m really unsure of what to do

Then put nothing, leave it blank.

It is a required question unfortunately

Sorry I misunderstood based on what others mentioned. IF you have extenuating circumstances, write those. If you do not, they simply use this as an opportunity to sell something about your candidacy. Why are you ready for the challenge? Etc

But, had you had the opportunity to take the ACT again to improve your score you would have. wink

Did your GPA meet the cut-off? If not, was it Spring semester last year that dropped it? Use COVID.

Class of '21 should be cut slack left and right for years to come.

good luck!