Kelley Honors: Is it worth it?

If I’m in Hutton honors, does it really matter if I do Kelley Honors? I’m already in Hutton, so I can take all Kelley Honors courses that aren’t ICORE. I don’t want to overwork myself, but if it means I’m guaranteed better opportunities after undergrad, I’ll apply. Are students that aren’t in Kelley honors at a huge disadvantage?

Business Honors is VERY much worth it. Probably the biggest advantage is that you can take Honors I-Core, which has an absolutely OBSCENE curve. I’ve heard of people bombing the exams (30%, 40%) and still finishing with Bs or higher. It is significantly better than regular I-Core and I would recommend doing everything that you can to get in.

You also have tons of exclusive networking opportunities, including your choice of a capstone where you can be an ACE mentor, do research, or participate in a leadership seminar. You’re also required to either study abroad or get an internship, so that requirement will keep you on the right track to landing a great job.

It’s a stellar program and the kids who are in it will definitely be at an advantage in terms of job prospects.