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D22 got into Kelley . couple of questions.

  1. She got Hutton Honors and also got selected for Kelley ACE. Does this mean she can go with ACE instead of Hutton or does she have to do both or does ACE override Hutton? Trying to understand how these two work or support freshmen.
  2. The major students indicate on common app while applying, is that considered a declared and binding major and do they need to go with it for all 4 years? or do the freshmen get grace period after joining within which they can declare their major ( a different one if need be in case their interests have changed from the time of applications)


Hey! I’m an admitted student, so I’m not an expert, but I did go to direct admit day for Kelley and know a lot of people at IU in Kelley.

  1. I got into ACE and Hutton as well. ACE is just for freshmen year, and it means you automatically get into business honors without having to go through the app process. This means you do honors ICORE, which is much much easier than regular. Also, there are two classes that are honors level/only for ACE during freshmen year, and those are known to be easier. Then with Hutton, there is a requirement for how many honors level courses that must be taken. It is my understanding that those are fulfilled through business honors courses. It doesn’t seem incredibly taxing in terms of requirements.

  2. Not a binding major. Once you’re in Kelley you can pick any. ICORE is first semester junior year and you have until then. It’s direct admit to Kelley but not direct admit to major, so you have the freedom and there aren’t any quotas for majors.

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Thanks .

current sophomore at IU

  1. I’m not in ACE, but most people I know that are in ACE are in both Hutton and ACE. ACE just automatically admits your child into Kelley Honours sophomore year. The previous answer said that your Kelley Honours requirements fulfill your Hutton requirements, but that’s only the 4 required honors classes + service learning project. The seminars you must take through HHC for a Hutton notation on your diploma.
  2. Common app major is not your binding major. Literally the summer before freshman year I added a second major and minor. I believe you can change your major until you finish I-core