Kelley IU or Leavey SCU or NYU CAS

I’m trying to decide between these three options by June 1st. .

Very confused about how to choose between Kelley Business School at IU or Leavey Business School at Santa Clara or NYU College or Arts and Sciences.
Looking to double major or minor (business and psychology) or major in business and minor in CS. At Leavey and Kelley, I’ll get to do that and at NYU it will be Psychology and minor in Business. Transferring to NYU Stern is probably a long shot and not sure I like the competitive environment there so I’d expect to stay in CAS.
My key considerations are:

  1. Good college experience
  2. Good job prospects (doesn’t have to be in the Bay Area although would like that) after graduation or good grad school
  3. School spirit and campus experience
  4. Social life and ease of making friends
  5. Rigor in classes but not too cut throat or very competitive environment

I like Leavey but I’m from the Bay Area so not sure if I’ll get any new experience going there. Also doesn’t feel like a very enriching experience. Due to COVID I’ve not had a chance to visit IU so not sure about the environment so will be choosing Kelley based on just reading about it online and that concerns me - not sure what I should expect. NYU seems hard socially and no school spirit but has a great name recognition and reputation.

So really confused and looking for any guidance or thoughts. In terms of cost, no issues, fortunate to have that covered at all three schools.

Appreciate any advise or thoughts.

Leavey for sure, more internships higher pay

If you want to major in Business, I would choose IU Kelley hands down.

OP had to decide by last June 1 and hasn’t been on CC since last May. Closing thread.