Kelley Rankings Question

I’m wondering what it is about Kelley that makes it rank so highly on undergraduate business school lists. It is easier to get into than a lot of other schools that are ranked lower. Indiana as a whole is not usually ranked as highly when comparing whole universities. I know rankings are not the most important thing, fit is more important, etc, but I’m just curious what your opinions are.What is it that makes Kelley so highly respected?

It’s Poets and Quants ranking fell from 12 to 17, partially due to lower selectivity. Poets and Quants seems to be more realistic vs. others. US News is more alumni survey based whereas P/Q is 1) admissions 2) experience and 3) outcome post graduation

bringing up an old thread, but for my two cents - rankings at bschool undergrad matter to some degree, but you need to look past it to get to what matters for your kid. Lots of people can talk about fit etc. and those all matter regardless of ranking.

However, another way to group bschools is what kinds of jobs you can get coming out of them. If you aspire to a top consulting job (MBB some others) or IB or some of the PE/VC sort of stuff, then some schools give you a chance at those and some really good schools don’t. The breadth of schools is a little wider if you are looking at big four, consulting or accounting, but they also have a set of schools they go to.

By that metric, Kelley seems to offer a chance at all of these fields. Compare it to some really good other bschools and they don’t. It does not mean every kid will have that chance, but it does mean the option is there at Kelley. Just thinking of nearby schools, I think it is much less so/not at all if you are coming out of Purdue, Butler, Miami, Michigan State (though the Big four are all at most of those schools and seriously at Miami and Michigan State. You have to dig into the details a little and see where people are really going.

For example, if you look at Ibanking, there are 10 schools that make up 22% of the Bulge bracket hiring. Kelley is not on that list (and a lot of non-business schools are, but so are Wharton and Ross). But when you add in the boutique firms, IU does really well. If you think you might want Ibanking, that matters. If you are pretty sure you do not, then it might not matter. Here is a link just to further make the point

Similar list for consulting where Kelley does not do as well, but I know that top consulting firms do take their grads

I like both of these list because they do percentage at the firms instead of percentage of students. So smaller programs with bigger percentages would show you that your odds if at that school are much higher.

Anyway, just another way to get past the hype of rankings.

Some good points…to get shot at elite placement you have to be the best of the best at Kelley.

I asked the same question in this thread:

Thanks @OhiBro
I appreciate all the insight! Still a bit confusing but helpful to see everyone’s input

For a chance at some of those top jobs Kelley offers their workshops. My son is a senior in the consulting workshop. He has a job at Deloitte for after graduation. Those workshops really give you amazing opportunities. Theses are some of they top kids at Kelley, they are recruited and get some pretty great job options.

Not sure if this factors into their ranking but I know Kelley places a big emphasis on campus recruitment - both preparing students and outreach to employers.