Kelley Standard Admissions Difficulty

<p>I have looked up many different threads on this but I can't conclude how difficult it can be. As of right now I'm predicting my grades for 1st semester to be</p>

<p>CSCI-A110: A-
MATH-M119: B+
BUS-A100: A
MUS-A100: A+
BUS-X220: A-
BUS-X100: B-</p>

<p>Giving me around a 3.56 overall gpa 1st semester.</p>

<p>I understand that one B- is capable of denying admissions especially if it's in a prerequisite class. I didn't do so well in X100 because I had spent a lot of my time first eight weeks on A100 and M119 but my test scores in X100 increased every time after A100. </p>

<p>What should I do for next semester? I'm planning on taking K201, W131, FOLK-F101, P101.
I wasn't sure if I should do Finite with those classes to somehow replace the B- from X100 even though they are going to see the grade. I am a out of state student and can't afford to not get into Kelley.</p>


<p>I don't know how you can predict your exact grade without your finals scores. I wouldn't worry about it till you get your grades. Do you know for certain that you got a B- in X100? </p>

<p>I don't think I would take finite, even with a B- in something, unless maybe it is calculus. Only 30% of the 1800+ students who took finite last fall got a solid B or higher. Your B+ in calculus is a good math grade for IU. You A100 grade is impressive.</p>

<p>I did the mathwork awhile ago and concluded that with my terrible test grades I got first eight weeks in X100 plus the extra credits for showing up to all the classes, I had to get a 89.5 on this exam to get a B in the class. We had 33 questions on our final which means I needed at least 30 of them right. I went over 4 questions I had difficulties on the test right after it was over. I ended up missing all four of them which means I definitely pulled a 81.X% at the most, which is a B- in the class. </p>

<p>I currently have a A- in M119 but I have the final in about 7 and a half hours which I'm confident I can at least get a B in, giving me at least a B+ or the B. </p>

<p>Although X100 was meant to be an easy class, I underestimated the readings and skipped a few classes in the first eight weeks to do a lot of my A100 work which did pay off for the accounting class.</p>

<p>I'm just a bit nervous about the B- because i've seen posts where people have gotten rejected with just one..</p>

<p>I don't think I would worry about not getting in with those grades. You proved yourself with your other classes. I know somebody who got a D in finite and got deferred and my roommate had a 3.65 last year with a B- in A100 (after getting a D on the midterm) got in, and I think he was one of the first people to get a letter. Honestly, I think your fine. </p>

<p>I went into finite worried but I ended up with an A. I am definitely a more math oriented person, but it would seem that you are too. I thought M119 was harder but a lot of people disagree with me, so its your call, but I see no reason to risk it. I would recommend taking more than 12 credits however, and I would suggest taking X104 to get another I-Core prerequisite done.</p>

<p>Edit: It would seem you need to take X104, per the new requirements. You need four from the list here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Wow my luck just got worst.... I just checked my Final Exam grade for M119 and I got a D- for a raw score. I have never gotten anything lower than a B on a test in the class and I can't believe I got a D- on the most important test... That puts me in the B- grade as I needed a C- on the final to maintain at least a B in the class. I now have 2 B-'s I believe and both of them are the Kelley Prereqs.
I need a miracle right now...</p>

<p>Alright so I got my scores back and it turned out bad..</p>

<p>CSCI A110: B+
MUS A100: A
BUS A100: A
BUS X220: A-
MATH M119: B
BUS X100: C+ (79.4%)</p>

<p>I sent an email to my professor regarding the 794/1000 if I could possibly earn a point for a B- in the class but turns out it isn't possible. My semester gpa is a 3.28 right now and my parents are very disappointed at the C+ as I am too. </p>

<p>If I ended up pulling up A's and B's next semester and doing well, How bad would one C+ in a prereq class look into the admissions process? I'm kind of dying inside right now as my schedule should have been doable but I couldn't pull it off.</p>

<p>Shinie, tough luck on X100. I wouldn't say all is lost. Indycarkid got in just last year with three B- grades, in X100, M118, and K201, along with a B+ in A100. So you probably are still in the running to get in. Sucks to lose the guarantee, though.</p>

<p>Your B in M119 and A in A100 are really strong grades, so maybe those grades can overcome the X100 grade. It really doesn't make sense that you got a low grade in X100 and an A in intro accounting, which is much harder, so maybe they will go easy on you for the X100 grade.</p>

<p>The big question is whether to take finite next semester. I wouldn't chance taking it and getting less than a B or dropping it, and instead would try to do really well in W131, X104, K201 and a three-credit elective (I assume that is your schedule for next semester). That will give you 27 credits. Hopefully, you can bring your gpa up a little and only have the one sub B grade.</p>

<p>Who is your X104 prof?</p>

<p>Indycarkid got in with these grades. Don't know what he got in the ones that don't have a grade by them. His first semester gpa was only 3.18.</p>

HPER 211
Intl I101
W131 B
A100 B+
S100 A+
X100 B-
M118 B-
K201 B-</p>

<p>Here is the link to Indycarkid being accepted.
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I got better and better scores in x100 until the final. I had a terrible start in x100 too. </p>

<p>My schedule consists of K201, W131, PSY P101, and Folk F101.</p>

<p>Would you recommend taking X104 over F101 or something? I heard it was very time consuming although the teachers grade easily. </p>

<p>I was maybe planning to take a communication course over the summer along with finite and Econ rather than taking x104 this semester to ensure all A's and B's.</p>

<p>I feel as if a C+ might be equivalent to 2-3 B-'s in the admissions process..</p>

<p>take k201 over finite its alot easier</p>

<p>Fernando Orejuela has not taught Folk-101 before, but he seems to be a tough grader in other classes. If you can get a good grader for X-104, I would suggest taking that.</p>

<p>hows your grades? it should be released, personally i do not see how if you did put effort, how could a Rubinstein course could be a b-</p>

<p>one of the best prof i know. That being said you just hope your essay is enough to pull you over , i do know people who got in with a b- but is nt a pre-req</p>

<p>Alright here are my grades that I ended up receiving for 1st semester:</p>

<p>CSCI A110: B
MATH M119: B
MUS A100: A+
BUS X220: A-
BUS A100: A
BUS X100: B-</p>

<p>I'm thankful it wasn't a C+.. but I am still not feeling confident enough to get in with that one B- in x100 and I'm planning on getting good enough grades to pull up my gpa to at least a 3.5 next semester without getting any other B-'s.</p>

<p>I tried finding a spot that will fit my schedule for x104 but everything is filled with at least 10+ waitlisted so i'm planning to take a replacement over the summer or if anything 1st semester sophomore year.</p>

<p>I underestimated X100 and thought it would turn out to be a super easy class and blew it off the first 8 weeks to focus mainly on calc and accounting. After the 2 test grades I was maintaining a C in the class and hoping to raise it to at least a B by the next two tests and our project. Sadly I got the B-..</p>

<p>There are some X104 sections that have a waitlist of zero, so you could be first on the waitlist for them, if you check the real time schedule. You might be able to get into one of them if you want to take x104.</p>

<p>Fletcher is a pretty easy grader.</p>

<p>MoWe 9:30AM - 10:45AM Business School (BU) 203 Kathy Fletcher</p>

<p>There are two sections with zero wait list with Kolouvou and two with Bailey-Hughes, but they are pretty tough graders. Kolouvou is pretty helpful and I think grades you easier if you go to office hours; she seems to reward extra effort.</p>

<p>I got into kelley with a B- in m119 and c+ in w131, However I got a solid 3.8 the semester after.</p>

<p>ditto bthomp</p>

<p>kathy is new , but i heard she is gooood:)</p>

<p>Bailey-Hughes may be a tough grader, but she pushes you to do your best. On the other hand, I took an easy grader for X204(the next class after X104) and did not take away as much from the class. I'm not saying the X204 teacher was bad, I just felt Bailey-Hughes pushes you to reach your potential as cliche as that may sound.</p>