Kelly quad VS H quad

<p>Can someone tell the difference between this two quads? Since i m new here, i do not know anything about the dorm.
I m living in H quad right now, but someone was ask me to swap with him to the kelly. I did yes but now i am regret what i said since i don't even know what kelly quad look like. Any suggestion ?</p>

<p>Kelly is suite style, while H is corridor style. Suites in Kelly above the 1st floor have balconies. Personally, I prefer suite style because the person to bathroom ratio is much lower (you have your own bathroom in the suite).</p>

<p>Kelly is suite style. 3 rooms of 2 students per suite. Suite has a common room with two couches. Bathroom has a toilet stall, shower with curtain, and two sinks. Bathroom is cleaned once a week by cleaners, so you really have to keep the entire suite clean yourselves, unless you enjoy a mess. The buildings in Kelly have an interesting design where there are these lounge-type areas at the entrances that is like a circular couch/sitting area, which I thought was pretty cool. There is a rec room in the basement of each building with pool table, couches, and I believe a TV and foosball table, maybe ping pong table too.. not sure on the specifics for each building. There is also a dining hall which is open until 3 AM every night, right there in the quad. At night people have described the quad as looking "sort of ghetto-ish" although Roosevelt usually takes the cake for that title. Location is also a huge difference, considering its on the total opposite side of campus as H-quad.</p>