Kelly Writers House (KWH) at University of Pennsylvania

Have any current seniors that are applying for Fall 2020 heard from Kelly Writer’s House if they’re being recruited?

You can contact Jamie-Lee and eventually send a portfolio when you apply. Are you applying ED?

@jxu613, likely not. I’m probably targeting Penn in the RD round. I’ve sent some writing but have not heard back. I don’t know if that means they’re not super interested, they have not gotten to me yet, or nothing at all. Based on College Confidential, it appears the process has changed over the years. That’s why I’m wondering if they’ve given other writers positive feedback/vibes. My interest in Penn is directly tied to KWH’s interest in me.

@kdm1582 I just sent some writing samples yesterday. I’m strongly considering ED, but not committed to ED yet. Jamie-Lee let me know that they had received the samples and would be added to my file and reviewed later. However, I’ve been in contact with her since the beginning of the summer, and have emailed her several times since, so that may be why she responded so quickly. I wouldn’t worry about it- I think they tend to review samples closer to application deadlines, so they probably haven’t reviewed yours yet. I’m not sure when they let you know if you’re being recruited- past posts have indicated that they sent surveys in early fall and followed up with students, but I haven’t received a survey or any more info. Have you heard back yet?

Anyone else been in contact with KWH this year? I’ve heard the recruitment process changes each year, and it didn’t seem like they sent out emails notifying support directly to students last year, just conveyed support directly to admissions, so I don’t know how it works this year.

@VicNorma, that makes sense. Perhaps they were tired of hearing from angry parents of “recruited” writers that did not make it through admissions.