Kelly Writers House

Is anyone here part of the Kelly Writers House? How exacly does it work? Do you take courses there? Do you just go there whenever you want? Do you get credits for stuff you do there? I’m a little lost…</p>

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<p>I've never used it, but I believe it's just a place with tutors and whatnot where you can get papers of all kinds revised. It's a nifty service, even if I haven't had a reason to use it yet...</p>

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<p>Krunee - Kelly Writers House is a community for people interested in any type of writing from poetry to screenplays to fiction. It's a hangout spot with couches, coffee, etc. They also provide career resources; lots of the faculty that help run it have great connections with publishers, etc. and will give you some solid advice on getting a job (which can often be a big concern for English majors). </p>

<p>There are also regularly scheduled events at Kelly where they bring in famous authors or editors to talk to groups of students and/or work one-on-one with them and give feedback about their pieces. If you want even more feedback, Kelly has open-mic nights for poetry/short story readings, and they'll help you share your work with interested faculty and students. </p>

<p>Every semester, there are two or three classes offered that are given at Kelly itself. It's nice, because it's an intimate environment and you're with people who have similar interests. </p>

<p>It reminds me of my high school band room, almost, in that we used to take classes there but it was also a hangout spot between classes, and the people there become almost like your Penn "family".</p>

<p>Is there writer camp, like band camp?</p>

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<p>Here's a link to a current article on the Kelly Writers House that appeared in the Penn Alumni magazine this summer: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

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