Kent pros and cons

HI, this board is so slow. We are trying to compare our state school versus Kent.
My daughter has been accepted into fashion merchandising with great merit aid and would like to attend. We live in Florida so she would need to be able to get to Cleveland airport from campus. I have heard that there is no shuttle to get to the airport. Can anyone confirm this?
Also, do you know if they accept all passing ap and dual enrollment credits? If so, she could graduate in 2 years and a summer. Is that possible?
What about the honors school? do students need to take honors classes in addition to regular major and core classes?

My daughter is currently a freshman at Kent. She loves the school. She is also a FM major.

Unfortanetly there is no shuttle to Cleveland. She usually takes a Uber to the airport. It is approx $35-$40 one way. Akron airport is a little closer and that Uber is around $30.

There is a link on their website telling you which AP exams they accept. Dual enrollment I am not sure but if you paid for a college class while in HS then they do accept those credits. My daughter walked in with 24 credits.

Graduating in 2 years and a summer will be almost impossible. Especially if your daughter wants to do the NYC study abroad or the Florence study abroad. I believe a study abroad is mandatory for graduation. You are also required to declare a minor and it can’t be Fashion Design. The minor is approx 7-8 courses. Plus doubling up on some fashion courses is extremely difficult and time consuming. Some courses require a lot of work, spefically the ones with labs.

They have a honors college. If your daughter qualifies the school will let you know.

@daddyoffour Thank you. I worry about the airport situation.My other daughter goes to a school and the airport is over an hour away and its a big hassle.MY DD wants to study abroad in both NY and in Florence. Is your daughter able to graduate in 3 years? we were never told that you had to declare a minor.

Honestly I was a little worried about the airport too. I just assumed that she would take a flight from Akron to NY since it was closer but she prefers the Cleveland airport. The Uber picks her up pretty quickly at the airport. She once took the Uber to Akron at 5:00am and it was not a problem at all. She was flown 3 times already (roundtrip) since starting in the Fall 2017.

Yes my daughter can graduate in three years but probably will take 3 1/2 years. A couple of reasons why.

The minor which she wants to do is graphic design. None of the courses in that minor can be applied to the Gen Ed core classes or the FM major courses. Some business minors can use courses to apply to both the major and minor so you may get away with only having to take 6 courses for a minor.

Another reason is that she is seriously considering going into the MBA program with the concentration in FM. Hence she will need to take an additional year of classes.

And the last reason is the internship and study abroad. Both are mandatory. The internship is done in the summer between the junior and senior year. The NYC program can be done in the fall or spring. It is geared toward juniors and seniors. The Florence program is done in the junior year. There is only approx 3-4 FM classes that can be taken in Florence. They also have other courses that you can take. The issue with Florence is you can take it in either in the fall or the spring. The fall session is much better because it is warmer in Italy in the fall than the spring and more importantly the spring session only stays in Italy but the fall session travels to Paris and one other country. ( I forget which one). My daughter applied to go to Florence for spring 2019 and then changed her mind once we learned these facts. She is going in the Fall 2019 which would be the start of year # 3 instead of the second half of year # 2.

My daughter wants to do both NYC and Florence. She plans to minor in fashion media. We also looked at the joint bs/mba program but the website states they are no longer offering it to fashion merchandising students. Have they changed that?

@lisaol My sister is a fashion media minor (Journalism major) and she will be done in 3.5 years with NYC and she’s doing a semester in Paris right now. The airport has never been a problem to get to, she just ubers it. Not sure about flights but there are never direct flights to and from where we live so that’s the biggest hassle. Her FA is also really good so that’s worth it for her.

That’s great! We are going tomorrow for admitted student day. She is very excited.

D was accepted to Fashion Design program for fall of 2019, not sure if this is the right thread, is there one for the class of 2023? she wanted a great fashion program in a traditional college campus setting- Kent is #4 in country top 20 in world in almost every survey…1-3 FIt, parsons and Pratt= atypical college setting…we visited she is thrilled, fun to be done before Nov 1!!

I’m sure she willl love it. My dd does.

My son was just accepted to the FD program as well, how did your DD like her first year there? We are going to have to go visit soon - any advice