kent state !!

How hard is it to get in kent state with okay okay curriculum and cocurricular bring an international student

Be more precise: what are your SAT/ACT scores, how good or how poor is your GPA, what type of curriculum did you follow (IGCSEs…?)

For merchandizing it said it doesn’t require an sat score I would just have to give my TOEFL which I will soon though my sat score was 1400 and my gpa has been 3.2-3.5 and I run an NGO have participated in mun nasa competition tennis competition painting ones @MYOS1634‌

I’m from India

Actually it’s not that hard I had a 1450 SAT score and a 3.7 GPA I got accepted @unicornsaj

Thank you @‌Maria215 well hopes high I will be applying next month. And also is it even easier for international students


I would it’s just as easy for international students as it is for local students @unicornsaj