Kentucky full ride

Coming from out-of state and seeking full ride. Anybody know what kind of student profile they’re looking for? Do they accept/value dual enrollment credits?

Already applied, or thinking of applying?

If you’re talking about academic merit-based full rides, those don’t exist anymore at UK.

Several years ago, UK shifted their financial aid strategy to go from 90% merit-based to 35% by 2021.

The highest award is the Singletary scholarship, which is full tuition and 2 years of $10k toward room and board. This is highly competitive, and no one on CC can tell you what they are looking for.

The Patterson scholarship is full tuition and 1 year of $10k toward room and board. It is automatic if you are NMF and select UK as your top choice.

Here is some info on dual enrollment credit.

How do the OOS Merit scholarships work? My son has been admitted to engineering & has a 1440 SAT and 3.73 GPA, Honors, AP’s 2 sports, clubs, etc. The website says that the Presdidential is competitive and a limited number will be awarded. Are the Bluegrass scholarships automatic based on published criteria or are they also limited? He has received the engineering dept. automatic scholarship.

Since the Bluegrass is classified as Academic rather than Competitive, it is easier to get, but not automatic. Subject to availability of funds. Did your son apply for the Honors College / Competitive scholarship?

“ Scholarship recipients are notified by mail to the address listed on their admission application. Academic scholarship offers are made on a rolling basis beginning in November until February. Competitive academic scholarship offers are mailed by March 1st.”

Because the shift toward need-based aid is coming so quickly, my guess is the funding is running out sooner. So any historical wisdom that may suggest a merit scholarship is automatic is no longer valid.

Here are some FAQ’s. If you are fortunate to get the Bluegrass, I think it should stack onto the COE scholarship. University scholarships aren’t stackable onto other university scholarships.

I would suggest calling the office to ask about the Bluegrass.

Thanks for the info! Yes, my son did apply for honors & the competitive scholarships. I did email his admissions rep last week about the merit scholarships posted in the school website, and was advised that he should receive letter in the mail in February.

Just wanted to update. Received letter today that my son received the lowest Bluegrass award ($8k per year) which was a surprise & disappointment based on his stats above. He was admitted to University of MD and we are in state, so Kentucky is out of the running. Especially since Maryland is higher ranked across the board.

UK has moved away from merit aid towards need based aid. My daughter got the Patterson the last year it was a true full ride. She has loved it. Hard to believe she graduates in just over a year.

My daughter got the Singletary Scholarship the last year it covered all 4 years. She had a 4.4 weighted GPA. ACT was 34. She volunteered a lot, was involved in her school, had dance as her extracurricular, and worked a part-time job. She had AP, IB, and dual credit classes. I could see no rhyme or reason why they chose one student over the other. They were all highly competitive. My daughter had made several visits to the school, met with professors, and was a female wanting to study a hard science. Those may have been the deciding factors.