Kenyon Chances?

<p>-weighted GPA: 3.993, unweighted is about a 3.9 I think (our school only weighs a few classes junior and senior year)
-all honors classes with the exception of chemistry due to a scheduling conflict with spanish 5. also, our school has no APs, so I shouldn't have that held against me. And I've gotten all A's or A-'s with the exception of an Intro to Russian seminar...
-rank: 7th out of 216, thrown off by the lack of weighted grades. I hate our school.
-ACT: 30 comp; 36 reading, 33 english, 26 science, 25 math.
-EC's: sorry, there's a lot...
Speech and Debate- 4 years, Student Congress, numerous tournament placings and two time state qualifier. also Vice President for coming year.
Academic Challenge Team- 4 years, seniormost member, so presumed captain next year.
Model UN- 3 years, several honorable mention awards.
Marching Band- 4 years, two year trumpet section leader.
Jazz Band- 4 years, 3 year lead trumpet.
Concert Band- 4 years, 3 year first chair trumpet.
Junior State of America- 3 years, helped found at my school, VP last year, president for coming year.
Spanish National Honor Society- 3 years, bronze medalion soph year, silver medalion junior year.
Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society)- 2 years
Pit Orchestra- 3 years
instrumental combo for show choir- 3 years
(if any of these particularly stand out or are pointless and I should cut from the list please tell me)
-some other random tidbits:
first generation college student
my friends and I have a jazz band that we organized ourselves and we play at various community events primarily over the summer.
attended Buckeye Boys State in 2010, and was selected to play lead on taps at the closing/graduation ceremony
planning to independent study Spanish 6 next year</p>

<p>So I think Kenyon is my number one choice i think, an here are the schools I'm thinking about now:
safties: marietta, ashland
matches im hoping, but probably reaches: oberlin, kenyon, denison
Do you think this is a reasonable list? Thanks a lot for helping!</p>

<p>You have some great solid EC's, a pretty good GPA, and you're in the 88th percentile considering your ACT. You look like a match, and the fact you'll be first gen makes it even more likely. Contrary to what this site says, barely anyone has a 2300 and 800s on 5 SAT II tests. Most people are embellishing/lying anyway. So don't think you're a reach for Kenyon/Oberlin, they seem like clear matches to me.
The only thing I'd suggest is to ask if there was any way you can retake your ACT to perhaps improve a little? Can't hurt.
Overall I'd say you have a pretty good chance :)</p>

<p>Thanks! I just recently went on a visit there and loved it! And I am retaking the ACT in October, so Ill have been in a math class for a while.</p>