Kenyon Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: Mid-March

Thought I would start the thread.


Does anyone have an idea of when decisions will be released?

It says mid-March, no updates or emails.

It was March 18th last year.

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Has anyone heard anything / emailed / called Kenyon? I’m in agony… Here’s a list of previous year dates (based off of other college confidential posts, so not 100% reliable) 2015: posted Mar 20, 5:00 (Friday)
2017: posted Mar 17, 5:00 (Friday)
2018: posted Mar 19, 6:00 (Monday)
2019: posted Mar 16, 11:30 (?) (Saturday)
2020: posted Mar 18, 5:00 (Wednesday)
Not sure if that’ll help anyone but I thought I’d share. Let’s hope they post a bit early this year!


On my CSS Profile, it says the award letter date (for financial aid) is 3/19. So it’s safe to assume we’ll get admissions decisions no later than that.


my guidance counselor told me she got an email saying March 15, so tomorrow as far as I know.


Really? Do you have a pic of that email?

Omg no way, seriously?!?!?

no picture but she double checked that that’s the date she was sent.

Holy crap I’m so terrified and excited

There was no exact time, right?

none that i know of. good luck!!


Oh my gosh! This is so exciting and anxiety provoking. Best of luck to all of you!! I really hope they do come out today.


can anyone else confirm that it’s coming out today? I dont want to get my hopes up lol


Still nothing for you all?


Why are you sure the release will be today?

Someone said that their counselor got an email saying it was today

What if it is fake?
I am in touch with my counselor; she didn’t receive any letter
It is very unlikely Kenyon sent such an email to only a few counselors

I don’t say we will not receive decisons today, but it’s not even a 50% percent information