Kenyon Class of 2025 β€” Regular Decision Date: Mid-March

Thanks! I appreciate the information!

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same boat. Waitlisted intl

My daughter was accepted.
34 ACT
National writing award winner
We’re not sure if the financial aid offered will be enough.

Congrats everyone! My daughter was accepted ED1 and has been so excited to see the class start to grow. She said there has been good activity on the Instagram group so if your students are looking to connect I would send them there.

I really hope Kenyon will have a more normal year this year with an actual orientation, roommates and everything!

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My daughter also was accepted to Kenyon, and she loves the school. It was one of the handful she was able to visit before the pandemic hit.

However, the financial aid still leaves us with a still too-high bill, so she’s keeping her options open.

Congratulations to your daughter! My daughter is a sophomore at Kenyon and when she was making her decision, Kenyon was her first choice but she was offered more merit at her second choice. So we asked Kenyon for more and they gave it to us. Not a ton, but enough to make it feasible. There’s no harm in asking and the worst thing they can say is no. Good luck!


Great advice! Thank you!