Kenyon College Class of 2023 Forum For Accepted Students

Hey guys! Now that ED1 decisions are out I thought it’d be a good idea to open up a forum for everyone who was accepted (ED2 and RD as well)!

So we can post stats, what we think got us in, any questions, concerns, or whatever you’re interested in discussing about Kenyon as we are now official students of Kenyon :slight_smile:

Is there an official facebook group yet?

@nicoleestein I haven’t seen one!

Have any regular decision applicants heard yet?

Hi everyone! I’m one of the admitted ED1 student! Just wanna know if Kenyon College admits any other students from China. So far I check my social medias and I haven’t seen any admitted Chinese students in Kenyon College. Hope to meet you all in Kenyon College!

Not yet. I expect it will be sometime mid-March.

@AZSaiva Congrats on getting in! Just speaking as a guess but I would think they would admit more from China :slight_smile:

Hope to talk to you too!

Thank you astromae2001! By the way I think I’ve seen you on CC when I was doing school research lol :slight_smile:
I really look forward to life in Kenyon as an English lit major

@AZSaiva I have used CC in the past. It’s helpful sometimes!!

Nice! I’ll be a physics major

My DS will probably be an Eng/CW major.

Also, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the “loftable” beds. I saw online that they state all of their beds can be lofted, but I ahve yet to see a single bed that’s lofted. I see them all raised slightly w/ drawers underneath.

Did anyone get their letters/packages yet? We got the email Friday but nothing in the mail.

Not yet. And the mail has already come today. Got the swag I ordered DS for xmas though! That came today, but I paid for express mail.

We got our swag today too! Proudly wearing my Kenyon shirt right now!

@ChaosParent23 my son is in a triple this year and his bed is “loftable”, if that’s what you mean… his desk is under his bed!

Yes, that’s precisely what he’d like to do! Thank you!

How Cool!!! Everyone get their winter break reading from Kenyon today?!

I got my letter on Tuesday! And @ChaosParent23
what do you mean by winter break reading?

DS received a package w/ a book in it. I was being facetious, but DS said he’d read it over winter break.

Everyone see the tweet that the Gambier Deli reopens next week? :-bd


My daughter lofted her bed last year, and like @ichibanmama ‘s son, she had her desk underneath. It worked pretty well. On
move in day you simply have to get the additional parts and tools from the CA (community advisor) and it’s relatively easy.