Kenyon College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Kenyon College is November 15.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

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DD27 applied ED - does anyone know when decisions will be released?
GPA 3.99 (UW)
SAT superscore 1540
5s on AP Calc BC, AP US history, AP Physics, AP English
4s on AP Calc AB, AP World history
Taking college English and calculus 3 this year
Captain of UF varsity team, president of ESC club, flute section leader in wind ensemble, All City Marching Band, volunteer at girls math camp in summers, news editor for school newspaper
Major: math
Wants to take premed requirements

Same question - anyone know when decisions come out?

Decisions are out!

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Your daughter would be a strong candidate anywhere. I hope she loves Kenyon.

She looked at a LOT of competitive schools, and Kenyon just felt right to her.


@ldonnell Congratulations! (I assumed she got in!) My daughter is a junior there, had high stats and was coming from a very rigorous selective high school. She loves Kenyon and is challenged there but also has time to pursue her various interests. I myself am a university professor with a Ph.D. from an Ivy, and I’ve been very impressed with Kenyon’s academic rigor and the school overall.


That is so wonderful to hear! Yes she is in! I also went to an Ivy, as did family members, but my daughter quickly ruled out my alma mater. When we set foot on Kenyon campus, it was so incredibly welcoming. We loved the intellectual but fun culture and how down to earth the students seemed. Being premed there seems wonderful - supportive professors, lots of opportunities for research, and supportive (not competitive) students. And you really can’t find a more beautiful campus in our opinion!

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Yes, this all sounds right :). My daughter is a humanities major, but she has a couple of friends who are pre-meds and they’ve had a very good experience there as well (and indeed plenty of research opportunities). Best of luck to your daughter! I hope she enjoys her four years there.

Any ED2 applicants out there? Curious whether anyone has received any information confirming decisions will be released tomorrow, 2/1. . . .

Chiming in just to say good luck this week! (My S23 applied regular decision to Kenyon)

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Will it be on 1 or later? The day is nearing the end and nothing was sent …

Will we hear ED2 this week??

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any news on ED2 release date anyone?

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No idea. Been monitoring Facebook and Twitter for updates. Please post if someone is alerted that decisions are out. I don’t think they posted anything about ED2 on social media last year.

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This year, Kenyon posted something on Twitter at ~6:47pm on the day they released ED1 decisions, so have also been monitoring social media. I was told that as of last week, they were still reviewing applications, so not sure what that means though in terms of timing. . . .


They really took lots of time!

Have they notified yet?

Nothing at all …

It’s almost no longer “early Feb”!