Kenyon ED

<p>Any other EDIers out there?</p>

<p>yay! a phan!</p>

<p>Yup! I applied ED! Have either of you heard back yet?</p>

<p>how'd you all fare with Kenyon?</p>

<p>B U M P it along</p>

<p>any acceptances?</p>

<p>not yet. apparently they sent the letters on the 15th...</p>

<p>applied ed, got my letter yesterday. someone got a purple thumbs feeling ever</p>

<p>D2 got her ED 1 acceptance letter today. She is in!</p>

<p>I got my letter today! I am an official member of Kenyon College class of 2016!!!</p>

<p>yayy me too! cyber hi-5!</p>

<p>CONGRATS to ALL accepted Ladies & Lords...</p>

<p>is there a way to check app status online ! i looked and can't find any</p>

<p>Well, I checked my Kenyon account and there is nothing different; I don't think there is a way to check online! However, since I am an international student they emailed me, so maybe you can send an email asking them, or just wait for the letter to arrive via mail?</p>

<p>pushed to ED2... i feel good about it though</p>

<p>Hello! I was accepted EDI. So excited!!!</p>