Kenyon RD 2023

Hey all! Thought I’d start a thread for RD Kenyon applicants for 2019. Didn’t see an RD specific thread yet. Feel free to post thoughts, stats, questions, and (eventually) decisions.

@assemblingphilosophies Kenyon is very high on my son’s list. Am guessing you’ve applied? This is going to be a VERY anxious wait in our house. Have you visited campus? If so, thoughts?

@buckeyeinbama You’d be correct, I applied after visiting and loving the campus feel! I had a great experience-- everyone was very welcoming and the campus was beautiful. I was able to attend a class and both professor and students seemed engaged and dedicated to their learning environment. I was especially impressed with the athletic facilities, they had great facilities for such a small school. Good luck to your son, Kenyon seems like a wonderful place!

They have early writes? I don’t think so.

@homerdog I haven’t heard of them having early writes either.

any news?

Any news from where? They don’t do early writes. We will all hear sometime late in March. I’m sure they will send an email to everyone a few days before they update the portals.

thanks! Did you gets get the handwritten post-interview postcard?

They do that for everyone who had an interview.

I had a solid interview and did not receive a postcard…

I don’t think not receiving one means anything. Mine just said “Dear Alexandra, It was so great talking to you. I loved hearing about your documentary filmmaking and redesigning your city’s public transit system with slime mold (!!!). Some other really nice things that were brought up in the interview. If you end up visiting Kenyon please let me know.
Interviewers name”
I got a similar thing from Smith and Grinnell (though via email)

hi! i applied RD as well. do you guys think NYC is far enough that they don’t count it against you if you don’t visit? i did an alumni interview and emailed an admissions counselor so i hope that counts as enough demonstrated interest.

same. I’m from Montana and didn’t visit. I did the interview though so hopefully that will be enough

so my mom just received a very very specific financial aid email. With income and specific questions about various lines on her tax return, is this a good sign?

@alexandra00 Good luck! I think it is indeed a good indication that they are preparing your financial aid package, especially because decision release is very soon. They would never waste time asking questions about specific lines in your mom’s tax return with only a week before decision release unless you are an admit. I surely hope you are admitted come Friday. I also applied. Hoping for the best!

@purplpanda @alexandra00 No need to worry about that now. Sounds to me like you guys made a good effort in showing interest, so don’t get too worked up about it. To ease your mind I live in Ohio, two hours from campus, and I have not visited, interviewed, or emailed or talked an admissions officer even though Kenyon is one of my top picks. I know I should have, but I have both financial and circumstantial barriers preventing me from doing so. Anyways, admissions is a thousand piece puzzle. You may never know what got you in or kept you out for sure. People can show zero interest and be admitted or visit five times including an overnight stay, email an admissions officer regularly* with good response and interview on campus or with an alumni and still be denied with great stats. You just never know.

As always, good luck all. I hope we may meet eachother on campus someday!

T-minus six days… I don’t know whether to dread the day or await the day in excitement. :alarm_clock:

Do you guys think this upcoming Friday is the day? I sure hope so!

Either that or the following Monday. Last year it came out the monday students returned to class from spring break. That would be the 18th this year. The year before it was the friday before students returned. Either way, it’s gotta be close!! Good Luck Everyone! My S was accepted ED1 and is very excited to attend.

Edited to add… watch twitter and IG. There was a pic of the post office on IG 1 or 2 days before ED came out, then an announcement on twitter right before the emails hit as well.

Thanks @ChaosParent23! My S is really anxious to find out, and so am I.

Checking Instagram daily!

Hey does everyone have a Kenyon portal? My D got the “congrats you’ve applied!” email, but never got a link to a portal.